January 27, 2010

Doorus wilderness

All sorts of birdlife surround the small penninsula of Doorus/auganist island area. A good place to discover a variety of of waterbirds, widgeon,little grebe,great northern diver and many more
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January 26, 2010

Winter swells

Relax ,enjoy the day.What else would you be doing on a january morning during a resestion, makes the hard times go away
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January 17, 2010


Winter brings wildfowl to the loughs, a keen eye can find you an interesting duck.
Scaup , lough Inchiquin
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January 15, 2010

Bell harbour - Green winged teal and Shelduck

A green-winged Teal feeding on the mudflats of Bell harbour, a distance shot but worthy,always nice to see a rare bird. On this day i counted 73 Shelduck in th harbour and a pint of stout in the Lobster bar of Newquay

January 12, 2010

January 5, 2010

When the fields are frozen

When the fields are frozen the birds come to the reefs and beach for food