November 27, 2013


A Snipe crossed the road in front of me near Lahinch Marsh .
It tried its best to find cover quickly and I managed a few snaps before it flew off.

November 22, 2013

First of the winter swells

The morning is crisp and cold with an easterly breeze , small but consistant swell running out of the south west enters the reefs and island of Doolin . 
The first swell of winter has an Irish pace , no crowds , a few midweek locals taking there cake! and eating it.

November 21, 2013

Ballyalla Geese

Several species of Geese gather around  the shorelines and fields  of Ballyalla lake .
A nice flock of Greylag were joined by a White fronted Goose and a  pair of Canada geese as well a few farmyard geese which seem help attract them to the shores.

November 20, 2013

Red Squirrel - Dromore Nature Reserve

Ive been coming to the wood for over a decade , mainly its a good place to take family for and outdoor walk.
You dont see much here , but over a decade Ive seen here White tailed Sea Eagle, Goosander ,Waterrail ,Ducks,warblers and Thrushes.
Today I seen a Red Squirrel , my first here in the Nature reserve and my 2nd in County Clare (1st in Attyslanny NR). He was a noisy fellow and not too taken on me being within his territory.

Loughs and Woods and lazy days

I took a lazy trip up through the Loughs and woods that cover an area between Corofin and Ennis north. I do this sort of drive regularly at this time of year but always take a new set of backroads and a different route.
I always start at Lough Atedaun though, probably becuase its your best bet on a rare bird. Next along the Lough line was a quick stop at Lough Cullen, always a peaceful lough with under rated views.

Lough Atedaun
Lough Cullen
Lough Cullen - views toward the Burren
A good count of 180 Whooper Swan were gracing the Turlough near Lough Cullen ,calling and being busy

I headed off from there and into the woods of Dromore to do a few woodland walks that I havent done and to check the lakes for ducks.
The wood was quiet, feeding on berries were Redwing and  Blackbirds and Robins being the most seen.
The joy of the wood though was my first sighting here in this wood of a Red squirrel and a large but small Beetle was found along the road

Black tailed Godwits in Airshow

Black tailed Godwits were attempting  to settle at the shorelines of Lough Atedaun , Corofin.
 Near 500 birds in unsettled flocks were giving an airshow over the lough, joined by a few Lapwing ,Redshank and Dunlin.

November 14, 2013

Brent Geese at Ballyvaughan

High tide in Ballyvaughan harbour over the years has been a great place to photo Pale-bellied Brent Geese They come in close, the sun is behind you  and with a slight elevation and small wall the geese allow you quite close.

November 12, 2013

European Goldfinches

At the start of autumn in my overgrown field  juvenile Goldfinch numbers were up to and around 50 -100 birds ,feeding on grass seed and thistles,very shy and any approach they were up and gone.
As winter nears the numbers have got less to 8 -25 birds and they are coming to the feeders regularly.
These finches would rival the most exotic for colour and beauty and  are a joy to have in your own backyard.
This is also my first post containing Goldfinch...Welcome to the blog Goldys

November 7, 2013

Red Deer

 At the base of the Torc mountains within Killarney National park, severel herds of Red Deer had come to the open grass pastures to feed and mate.The rut had come to an end and The tussle of men v boys was over . The dominant Stags were keeping the harem close waiting for the moment when the Hinds come to season.
Killarney National Park holds the only native wild Red Deer left in Ireland , with approx 700 individuals, they have no natural predators, but getting close is not easy as they have very good hearing.

Killarney National Park

Its been some weeks since my last post , full time parenting and school runs have a grip of my days . So a welcome few days away with my wife to Killarney National Park was always going to be enjoyable.
Shame about the weather as a lot of our walks was in concistant pour down , but the sun did come out a while on our 2nd day and a full Autumn feel was within the park.

Yew isle,Lough Leane in the fog
Red Deer with a backdrop of Oak, Yew & Pine
Irelands only native Red Deer population
Torc Waterfall
Tall trees in the valleys
The peaks of the park