November 26, 2012


I headed out and about on a text message that said there had been a sighting of a Waxwing in Ennis ...
Wandering the Tulla rd  in a part of Clare i was not familiar with, I came across 35 + Waxwings that were feasting on a berry tree , for a time they seemed to be  everywhere ,calling a moving through surrounding trees.
 The birds were superb and a joy to photograph

Otter at Clahane

An Otter passes close to the shoreline at high tide Clahane , always a nice moment

November 12, 2012

Purple sandpipers.. "Close up"

A few days have passed since my last visit to Seafield and I was keen to find out if any more Purple Sandpipers have arrived. Today I counted 42, but there may have been more...with 4 colour ringed birds
While watching the shoreline the sun came out and was giving good light, so I took the opportunity  for some photos.

November 9, 2012

Purple Sandpipers arrival

22 Purple sandpipers have arrived for winter at Seafield , some of these birds I recognise from last year due to the colour ringing scheme that the birds are involved in , more birds will arrive over the coming week and we should hopefully see over 100 birds.

November 7, 2012

The Kestrel..Like Father like son

Cornish Kestrel
Irish Kestrel
On the 5th of November my father sent me a photo of a Kestrel that he taken in Corwall England that morning...The same morning I also photod a Kestrel at Lahinch beach ,Clare ,Ireland.
Like father like son..enjoying a fine day out.

November 1, 2012

Clahane evening

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A bit of local birdwatching at Clahane was nice to end to the afternoon , a small flock Golden Plover were at the far reef , a snipe was near the reeds of the flooded field , the usual gathering of Rock pipits were along the wall with the high tide. Good numbers of  Great northern divers are coming in Liscannor bay.