November 18, 2021

Merlin at Clohnahinchy

 A very active Merlin was buzzing about Clohnahinchy beach area trying to catch anything small birds it could surprise, I watched the acrobatics as it chased all the small birds off the reef and field into the air.

 Now trying to photo this at low light is near impossible as the bird is just to quick at directional changes and you loose it, but its great fun

November 5, 2021

Eider on a Seaweed rock

 A beautifuI morning and I was right out on the sand on a very  low tide at Kilmacreedy end of Lahinch beach.

I could see the female Eider that has been around a few weeks, She was roosting on a rock of seaweed as the tide had retreated and somehow I was on the side of the light.

 I watched as she nibbled along the seaweed but didnt consume it, to me she was filtering organisms and small periwinkles that cling to the weed, maybe a midnight snack left for breakfast

November 3, 2021

The Twite time at Clahane

Around the first few weeks of November Twite have a habit of dropping into Clahane to feed on seed on the roadside and edges of the sea walls. Linnets also come here in good numbers to do the same thing, but rarely do the flocks mix, the Twite just seem a bit more wary and tend to feed off the road in among the grasses and stones 
Yesterday morning I seen a single Twite , today Clahane  produced 10 Twite that were feeding well along the roadside and boulder field but disappeared after a Kestrel came through .