July 24, 2022

Lesser black backed Gull Ringed

A  dark juvenile Lesser black backed Gull was at Clahane with a blue ring EECR.
An Ireland bird born from the colony at Lough Ree

July 19, 2022

Elegant Tern - Clare/Galway

An Elegant Tern with its big yellow bill was playing King of the castle on the small island on the hottest day of the year 
I visit this colony every year and always hoped one day of a rare Tern here and they dont come much rarer than a bird that comes from around Pacific Mexico
 Im having a afternoon sleep when `BING`5pm and news came through of a Tern with a yellow bill at my local Tern,,,,,,,          colony on the Clare/Galway border. 30 minutes later and Im helping the land owner heard a few sheep into a field,[land permission costs] Ive known the old famer a good few years and today he was 85yo, a quick chat and off across the limestone fields to the Terns


July 14, 2022

Juvenile Med Gulls at Clahane

A good few juvenile Med Gulls have been around Clahane this week with the collection on Gulls that use the high tide to feed on shoreline wash out

July 13, 2022

Ring billed Gull and Terns at Lahinch

A nice gathering of Gulls has formed in Lahinch beach reefs.
I was aiming  to photograph Sandwich Terns that were feeding a juvenile on a rock.
While doing this I focused on what first thought was a lazy Common Gull that hadn't moved due to my presence ,as it stood up in my camera focus I realised it was a  2cy Ring billed Gull and probably the one from Clahane previous week

July 4, 2022

Lesser Butterfly Orchid

While walking the Mullaghmore trail on the Burren with my children we came across 3 Lesser Butterfly Orchid, one of the rarer gems found within the Burren wildflowers .