December 20, 2020

Checking in on the Bishops Curlew

 It seems every winter (for how many winters now i dont know maybe 6) you call into Bishops Quarter beach to check in on the Albino Curlew that frequents the rocky cove.

As I pulled in to the carpark it flew off round the corner out of sight , I took the short walk over but It didnt stay long and flew up into the field above the reef.

 Once a Curlew is on to you, you aint getting any shots

This year looking a bit untidy with a few black spots showing. 

Little Egret fishing at Bell Harbour

 I pulled into the car park at Bell Harbour nice and slowly as not to disturb any wildfowl that maybe in the mud creeks.

 A Little Egret was having a slice of luck in the channels  knabbing 2 Flounders on the bounce , it was on a hot streak and didnt care to much for me watching it fishing. 

December 13, 2020

Northern Shovelers

Five pair of Shoveler Duck were at Burrin Pond , a perfect little lake for them that they visit every winter and a place where you can get close enough for a photo.

Stunning Lough Inchiquin

 Lough Inchiquin is one of my nearest Loughs to home and beautiful lake with a high hill with woodland to the west with great scenic and birdwatching views. a carpark and reedbeds to the south. The north end where river Fergus enters and east end are quite inexcessable due to private lands.

The Lake holds good numbers of Gadwall, Tufted Duck, Wigeon, Teal, Little Grebes and Coot.

Over the years Ive seen birds here like Smew, Goosander, Long tailed Duck, Ring necked Duck, Goldeneye, Spotted Flycatcher, Jay and Kingfisher. Otter are regular here.

Ring necked Duck or hybrid at Inchiquin

  During the week I came across a Ring necked Duck at Lough Inchiquin.

Even with a head shape that looks good a white spur that says it all, a tail that stands out and a stripe on the bill, there is still a good chance of this bird being a hybrid RnD and Tufted Duck due to a lack in the high white line on the bill.... I wonder if his grandma was a tufty?

December 7, 2020

Grey Heron stalks Otter at Lahinch Marsh

 Close to bridge at Lahinch Marsh a ripple in the calm river caught my eye. An Otter was busy about its business along the rivers edge closely being watched by a Grey Heron.

As the Otter made its way along the bank the Heron would follow and stalk the Otter waiting for it to catch a fish, the Heron even crossed over to the opposite side when the Otter did, they carried on round the bend and were then out of site.....

December 6, 2020

Sunday morning in Liscannor Bay

 Nothing like a sunday morning walk along Lahinch prom at high tide on a calm day

9 Red throated Divers were spaced out along the beach and seem to be coming in closer since the new sea wall, a few Great northern Divers and Shags about and the Common Scoter flock was far out.

A Black Redstart was  along the erosion defence wall at Liscannor harbour otherwise it was quiet.

A lone Whooper Swan was in the flooded field at Clahane

December 2, 2020

Great White Egret in the Dark

A few weeks back a friend of mine from the Hen Harrier project told me he seen what he thought was a GWE on Lahinch Marsh. The bird eluded me for a few weeks then I saw it near the Links Golf coarse last week and again on Lahinch beach yesterday
Since November 2016 there has been 9 or 10 recorded Great white Egrets in Clare,.
Ballyallia Lake Ennis, Shannon airport Lagoon, Lough Grady, Lough Atedaun Corofin, Doonbeg and now Lahinch Marsh.
Its a special moment when we discovered the bird in the dark at roost with the Little Egrets 
I hope we have a keeper!


December 1, 2020

Walking the Snow Bunting

 A Snow Bunting was flitting about behind the fishermans wall at Liscannor Harbour. 

We went for a small walk up the lane along the grass and roadside looking for seeds, the bird seemed quite happy with the 2m distancing .

1cy Great Black backed Gull


Young Great Black backed Gulls.

Here`s a bird that always entertains me, even though I see them regular. A common bird on the west coast of Ireland and generally the Boss among Gulls, Can often look suspicious like a thief , Graceful in the air, always on the scene at any scavenage - willing to tear into anything edible washed up on the shoreline or dead in a field

November 30, 2020

Focus on Surfing November and turning 50

 Overall this year of Covid and lockdowns produced extremely poor conditions for surfing around the Lahinch area and fitness and focus are hard things to come bye with age ... if you allow that sort of thing.

Turning 50 and being a Surfer for 40 years now..I aint done yet

So with weather patterns changing and waves starting to break in any conditions, Myself and Dexter took to the Ocean ..we knew that the hard yards of paddling and stamina conditioning had to take place so we surfed daily or as much as possible in any conditions through Oct/Nov, the focus was to be ready when the good swells came.

Come the end of November I feel a Surfer once more, I find im once again competing with myself,  Ive spent time with friends and laughed, I breathe better, time slows down and becomes calm. I sleep well.

A reminder of an old saying...Only a Surfer knows the Feeling!

Paddle through the mist ..youll find us 2 out the back

November 22, 2020

Pine Marten and my garden Log

 So a week ago I found out I had a Pine Marten visiting my garden.

 I chanced my arm putting out a few peanut butter, peanuts and rasberry jam treat along the log in my garden. The weather during the week was awful, but the treats were being taken..

On clearer nights I put out the Trail Camera in a different spot each night to get a few angles of this fine animal that really does seem to be at home on the Log.

A few videos are of the wrong date. OoOPs.

November 14, 2020

A Pine Marten in my Garden

I was discussing with my young lad as to what might come too and around the bird feeder at night.

So we decided to put a trail cam up...a few Male Cats were around but at 5;20 a stunning Pine Marten comes in for about an hour and Ive found out who has been attacking the food bins.