July 30, 2012

Lough Warblings


Grasshopper Warbler
With a morning off ,a new lense ,a touch of sun and my garden birds busy,which makes me feel like it could be a good morning birds, I headed over the hill to  Lickeen lough.
Lots of birds were busy around the fields, the sound of a singing Grasshopper warbler gained my attention but was hard to approach, but a close visit by a Whitethroat was nice.
Sedge and Willow warblers were also seen

July 20, 2012

No Tresspassing

A perfect wave breaks in a cove near a headland.
There is a way down to the cove.
The sign says `No Tresspassing`.

July 13, 2012

Lahinch marsh

An evening birding locally at Lahinch marsh was good with an adult Med Gull that was sharing the sandbank with various gulls,Sandwich terns .A Kingfisher was back and forth the river posts.Lapwing, Common sandpiper,Dunlin, and Curlew were along the low tide banks, and i sank to the waste in a hidden silage dump and broke a 2 month old Sandmartin egg in my chest pocket that i found on the tide line..I STANK! of cow pat and rotten egg.

Oh Deer

While driving through the country lanes in south Limerick we spotted a Fawn stroll into the long weeds in a field, an inquisitive head of the mother shortly followed..i wonder if they belong to a private estate

July 9, 2012


Lighthouse inn
Keatings bar
An evening camping with the kids ,an evening at the pub , a morning breakfast at the inn. Summertime peace at Kilbaha harbour , South Clare.

Young Swallow

A windy couple of days probably wore this liitle fellow out, i found him in the road warming up out of the wind.

A Doolin july sunset

Nesting Med Gulls

spot the Med gull

During my annual visit to a Sandwitch tern colony , i finally found a nesting pair of Mediteranian Gulls among the Black headed gulls, these birds were also my first summer plumage birds that i have seen

digitalis purpurea alba

Quite impressive were these white foxgloves i came across while out walking...never forget that they are viciously posionus