April 29, 2018

Burren Spring Gentians with song

Now is the time colour starts to sprout in the Burren , Spring Gentians , Cowslip and Primrose.
Colours combine with song from birds such as Blackcap and Willow Warbler

April 20, 2018

Great white Egret and Hare at Lough Atedaun

  After finding and viewing  Great white Egret from the opposite side of the lake over in the remote swampy drainage area of Lough Atedaun , and that meant it was going to be a challenge to get anywhere near this bird to get any decent record photos. I sneaked down a few lanes tried a few fields gathered some permission to cross land through a wood and I was in a whole new rather untouched Burren lowland area full of Hare.

Alba be passing through

This White Wagtail was on the Rine at Ballyvaughan , a species that just passes along our coasts quietly unnoticed.
Often seen along the coast during April and May,the same times as Whimbrel  .
Blends in well with shoreline stones and pebbles.

April 18, 2018

Black Brant (type) on The Rine

 The joys of giving a family member a lift to and from Ballyvaghan is that I have had a chance to spend a good few hours a week along that stretch of North Clare coast.
 I had been meaning to try and catch up with this Black Brant (type) Brent Goose that was found a week earlier out on The Rine that had joined our more familiar Pale bellied Brents.
I walked out on the evening high tide, windy with nice light.The Geese were out on a small island but the tide moved them onto the Rine where I got a chance of a view
In the field the light plays tricks with this bird, it took me a while to be convinced I was looking at the correct bird.

April Iceland Gulls in Limerick

A few shots of the three Iceland Gulls that were around Arthurs Quay and Harveys Quay Limerick on 17/04/18

April 17, 2018

The April Sessions 2018

Consistent Swells arrives out of the deep Atlantic.
The fickle secret spots unload potential and the old trusted breaks of Lahinch bay do their thing.
An atmosphere returns Lahinch as Surfers and the town comes alive.
 Smiles return to faces, early morning Dawn Patrols and late Beers with friends on the Sea front wall watching the swell lines as the sun goes down.


Will there be a part 2...lets hope

April 8, 2018

The Merlin at Black Head

 I was walking along coast of Black Head watching the sea for Divers, Black Guillemots etc , when this Falcon chasing Pipits started putting on a super fast aerial display close to shore
The Merlin came down on a rock above me for a short time before heading back into battle further along close to shore, a perfect hunting ground with tired small birds making their way to the headland off the open sea.

Always remember the dangers while birdwatching in and around Black Head.

  • Dont fall into the sea while watching Seabirds
  • Park carefully
  • look out for falling rocks
  • Never come here in the rain
  • Watch out for traffic while viewing the sea
  • Buses

April 7, 2018

Brimstone Butterfly - Doolin

It finally felt like spring today and I was out surfing at Doolin.
I thought maybe today Id see a Swallow but No, spring showed itself through a flighty female Brimstone Butterfly.

April 5, 2018

Barnacle Geese on Mutton

Casting a look from Lurga point, Seafield out to Mutton island you can faintly see a few hundred Barnacle Geese ploughing the fields, as I was a little further along the coast at Clohnahinchy looking out to see a high flying flock of more Barnacle Geese came from the south and onto the Island.
A seasonal treat