January 31, 2017

Lough Atedaun in the rain

I sat in the rear of my vehicleusing the back door as shelter from the rain overlooking Lough Atedaun. using my video setting on my 600D which works kind of well at low light and distance
The Great White Egret was showing well over the other end of the lough and is great bird to have  here
Lapwings, Teal and Wigeon made up the numbers. A Hooded Crow pestered a Marsh Harrier out above the lough, it moved past downlight, I followed in the binoculars as it swooped into where the ducks were feeding across the lough.then there was birds everywhere in the air, I lost the Marsh Harrier but these 25 Pintail came into the reed bed closest to the carpark.

Marsh Harrier

January 28, 2017


Ive been back and forth to these Berry Trees in Ennis for a few weeks while shopping etc without any sighting of a Waxwing,  I said to my wife " one last time , thats it then".
I turned into the estate at 16:25 and a single bird flew off the 3rd berry tree into a dark high tree next to it.
I parked up a bit further, I was loosing light.
The lone Waxwing perched still up against the trunk not moving for 15 mins. we watched each other even had a chat..but it wasnt coming down.  I went back to the car and I approached slowly, parking near the berry tree..the stunning bird did eventually come back to the berrys..🙋

Waxwings can be very tame in winter, entering towns and gardens in search of food, rowan berries being a particular favourite. They can metabolise alcohol produced in fermenting fruit, but can still become intoxicated, sometimes fatally. Other hazards include predation by birds of prey, infestation by parasites and collisions with cars or windows.

January 22, 2017

Greenland white fronted Geese in da bog

There is only a couple of small flocks of these Greenland white fronted Geese that spend winter in the county and I hope they stay safe out in the fields of a bog.
 When ever I come across Geese Ive a fear of them being shot for some-ones dinner table or a stuffed trophy , therefore Ill keep the location secret.

Hen Harrier - Moyasta

It was an afternoon with poor light , I was leaning on an old train looking through my scope when I picked her up a long way out over reeds making her way along the northside of Poulnasherry bay, she dropped out of sight.
A few Teal went up and a Hooded Crow gave the signal and she was making her way to the creek at Moyasta, as she lifted over the bridge Teal and Redshank went to the air as she cut back flying direct at me ..seeing me she banked and headed along the wetlands of Poulnasherry

January 21, 2017

Epic January Swell

Surfing and a Glaucoide

I was taking a few photos of the lads out surfing off the Lahinch reefs  when a large 1st winter Glaucous Gull drifted by the shoreline down past Moy, Bartra and off down the coast


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Glaucous Gull

Paul Copner

January 8, 2017

Great northern Diver `The submarine`

This elegant Great northern Diver was fishing the incoming tide at Liscannor harbour
It wasnt to bothered that I was sitted on the harbour steps at water level, as long as I kept still.

I wonder if JP Holland back in 1875 sat on these steps while he invented the Submarine.

spin about the top

 I started my day in Kinvarra where I got to see the Green winged Teal. I moved back to Clare and headed to Doorus Pier and Auganish isle  where on a calm day is a good place to see waterbirds such as Long tailed Duck, Red breasted Merganzers, Black Guillemots, Great northern Divers and Black throated Diver.
At Corranroo 2 Spotted Redshank were busy feeding among the Wigeon and Gulls between the high tide rocks.

5 Little Egrets were on the reef near to Newquay harbour, and the usual Greenfinch flock was along the Flaggy shore. 220 Brent Geese were in the fields below Mt Vernon and a few juvenile Whooper Swan were with 2 adults on the Burrin pond

Little Egret showing injury to the neck

A quick stop into Bell harbour for the usual Teal, Shelduck and Redshank and it was a spin over the burren to home