August 15, 2016

Least Sandpiper - Cloghaun Lough

We were heading to Cloghhaun Lough just outside Kilbaha near Loop Head in hope of seeing the Solitary Sandpiper (1st county record ) that had been found earlier on in the day , when the phone went to say that a Least Sandpiper (2nd county record)  was also present.
The smallest shorebird in the world about the size of a sparrow that should be on route towards south America.
The bird showed well in the scope with the evening light, but proved difficult to photo due to size, light, distance and smelly soft mud, 

Least Sandpiper showing size compared to a Wagtail
Least Sandpiper and Solitary Sanpiper on the mudbank , Crap photo , but the two birds together

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