April 9, 2021

Black Brant at Clahane

At this time of year over 100 plus Pale bellied Brent Geese can be found along the north end of Liscannor Bay along the reefs and river outflows where the Eel grass grows on the rocks. They gather here feed up before they head north

 I was checking through the 90+ Pale Brent Geese at my favorite  patch at Clahane with my lad Harry I was hoping to find a bird with a ring as I have found many here at Clahane over the years.

 A Black Brant stood out in the crowd of Pale bellied Brent Geese and was a nice find personally as I always believed I had a good chance that Id find one one day among these flocks

Signs of migration out west

 The tide was the high at Clahane . A noisy flock of Herring Gulls bossed the bay, a Greenshank caught my eye in the rocks near the cliff it was with 5 Redshank . A White Wagtail briefly flew into the river entry, flitted around being busy went high and crossed the bay.

A flock 95 Brent Geese were on the middle reef with 60+ Golden Plover that were changing into summer plumage and 5 Whimbrel. The Geese began to move to the reef near the road and among them was a Black Brant

"Which way you heading"..."North"

March 23, 2021

Black Redstart - Clahane

 This Black Redstart has been along the Cliff at Clahane for over a week feeding up on Flies, as usual this species can be quite elusive , but seems to appear when the suns out.

March 3, 2021

The country feeling and Rog`s Bomb

Its another beautiful day, its quiet about out in the country and there is a nice feeling of space.
 Its Low tide head height and there is a fresh pulse into the 18 second period due on the turn of tide.
A handful of Surfers change shift and Rog grabs a Bomb set after low tide 


Community waves in times like these

  Beautiful winter swells keep rolling into Lahinch.  Glassy sets

In times like these -to surfers- its like a heartbeat- the believe in our sport to keep us healthy, fit, challenged and alive.

Every day possible Surfers of Lahinch community arrive early by themselves to get out in the glassy conditions.

2 hours of surfing at this time of year could even have you back home lockeddown by 9am....wondering if theres an afternoon session to get 

February 22, 2021

Storm Surfers Lahinch

 Come late February Storms have formed out in the Atlantic Ocean..  Strong offshore winds from the East maybe cold..  for some.

 The going gets tough . Let the battle commence

 Storm Surfers thrive in elements of minus temperatures ,strong winds and big sets.

 Conditions that would be unthinkable to many surfers around the world from the warm climates, yet tomorrow they`ll go again

 Here in Ireland it plays a big part within the surfing culture...Oh to ride the Storms.

February 17, 2021

White tailed Eagle - Drumcliffe

On my way home from town , My wife and I passed by Ballyalia and Drumcliffe just to see a few ducks etc and you never know there is a chance of a WTE.

Sure enough a WTE was perched on a post Drumcliffe end over looking the flock of Wigeon, it made a short flight over to a field wall were it searched the ground for Carrion.

Above all my Mrs got some good views and was well happy to see an Eagle.

Turns out that this is a young bird that was released at Lough Derg in 2020

February 16, 2021

The West Swells of February 2021

 2020 was a poor year for swell.

But starting through January Low pressures were shaping the Atlantic storms 

One of the best west swells in over a decade married with offshore winds charged into our coast at 5m and 16 secs. Minus air temperatures and a full depth of winter does not worn of hardy surfers,,,, they were waiting!

The Lahinch reefs were amazing and due to Lockdown waves were shared between local surfers who were just buzzing for the month