February 24, 2014

Our Frog pond

First signs of spring arrived at the pond beside our home.
The frogs come every year and my children love to go down to the pond and watch the show

February 15, 2014

Little Gulls - West Beach Seafield

I took a drive down the coast away from Lahinch  to a few places I know that may be good for Gulls.
At the very south end of the west facing beach of Seafield is Clonahinchy ,  Two Little Gulls (adult & 1st winter) were feeding on the ocean in front of the channel run off.

February 8, 2014

Gulls along the seaweed

Herring Gulls ,Common Gulls, and 2 Iceland Gulls monitor the washed up seaweed along the high-tide shoreline of Lahinch  sea-front. 
 Common Gull
 Iceland Gull
 Herring Gull
Iceland Gull

February 7, 2014

Seaweed in the Gutters- 3 storys up

The 2nd Storm came , they named it `Take 2`.
 Tonnes of Seaweed thrown high into the air by strong swell and high-tides.The evidence of a  which was in the rooftop gutters along Lahinch sea-front...3 storys up.
All the good work that was put in after the 1st storms damage .....gone

Redpoll visit

Its always nice to have a Redpoll visit the garden feeders, this little finch has been squabbling with the resident birds for a go on the nuts and seeds

February 3, 2014


While out walking with the kids after school we came across an approachable Wood-pigeon in the grounds of the Falls Hotel , normally quite a shy bird,we feared it was injured but it was`nt. 
But its  the first Woody post on my blog.