May 18, 2022

Great Northern Diver in Summer plumage

It's May and most of the Great Northern Divers have migrated North,  but a handful of birds can still be seen within Lahinch bay and they are in spectacular summer plumage.

May 10, 2022

The Barn Owls Dinner table

A fresh Shrew believed to be a Greater white toothed Shrew lays on the feeding table of a Barn Owl, a smelly place where rodents and Starlings are torn up, swallowed and spat back out
The amount of pellets on the floor and poo stained rock sugest this is a regular feeding spot and I know it has been for years.

Local Tree Sparrows

Every spring I would visit a local location to see how the Tree Sparrows are fairing.
Today I only got to see 3 birds that were skulking among reeds and Willows close to whereby and hopefully incubation is taking place.

May 8, 2022

Fox and cubs

 Within the fields a Fox watches over her 3 cubs as they explore , She rested as they roamed giving out calls to any threats such as Magpies, Jackdaws and 2 juvenile Ravens that would often show interest in bothering her, She was aware of me but I was at a good distance enjoying the views


Linnet is a species of Finch common to our fields.
 Considered a boring little brown job of a bird they can be easy overlooked and a male singing in a tree is well worth a watch .
 The Linnet may have got its name from the fondness of Linseed.