April 30, 2021

Tree Sparrow spring action

  Every spring I drop into into see the Tree Sparrows along the Clare coast. 

I was passing through and was only here for 15 mins , but didnt really need more time as the action was on, for once the birds were too busy to take notice of me and put on a show in the lane brambles...rather that heading up field or into those willows in the reeds and hiding under the song of the Sedge Warbler.

A count of 8

Ennistymon Dippers

 Dippers are a marine bird that feed under water and nest in and around waterfalls and Ennistymon Cascades has always had Dippers.

I parked up near the Cascades when I heard the call of the Dipper at the waterfalls.

I took a look to see 2 juvenile birds being fed  by the parents..

April 9, 2021

Black Brant at Clahane

At this time of year over 100 plus Pale bellied Brent Geese can be found along the north end of Liscannor Bay along the reefs and river outflows where the Eel grass grows on the rocks. They gather here feed up before they head north

 I was checking through the 90+ Pale Brent Geese at my favorite  patch at Clahane with my lad Harry I was hoping to find a bird with a ring as I have found many here at Clahane over the years.

 A Black Brant stood out in the crowd of Pale bellied Brent Geese and was a nice find personally as I always believed I had a good chance that Id find one one day among these flocks

Signs of migration out west

 The tide was the high at Clahane . A noisy flock of Herring Gulls bossed the bay, a Greenshank caught my eye in the rocks near the cliff it was with 5 Redshank . A White Wagtail briefly flew into the river entry, flitted around being busy went high and crossed the bay.

A flock 95 Brent Geese were on the middle reef with 60+ Golden Plover that were changing into summer plumage and 5 Whimbrel. The Geese began to move to the reef near the road and among them was a Black Brant

"Which way you heading"..."North"