October 31, 2021

Siberian Chiffchaff - Kilbaha

 Arrival in the morning at Kilbaha, driving through the village it was evident that that a few small birds were moving around the Pine at Sennis garden.

A few Goldcrest, Chaffinch,, Blackbird, Song Thrush were busy around the thicket as were 2 Chiffchaff, One of which was very dull grey/white in colour, but high up and all that could be seen was underbelly, a shower of rain caused the birds to go to cover, after a while this little fella gave himself up for a moment and identified as a Siberian Chiffchaff

October 30, 2021

Golden Plover -Loop Head

 Golden Plover at Loop Head.

GPs for short are a gregarious bird that flock into open areas of Plover fields and heather hill of Loop Head during the autumn days into which they blend and can see any approaching threat such as Merlins etc.

 Birdwatchers look into the GP flocks to check for any unusual migratory birds that may join them such as AGP,  Dotterel, Pectoral Sandpiper, Buff breasted Sandpiper etc, all of which has been found here this way in the past.

October 18, 2021

Juvenile Whitethroat and Chiffchaff

 I was checking a few  new areas of scrub and Sycamores around Hags Head looking for migrant passerine birds of which I managed Two 

At first sight at distance this little fella gave me a small heart rate and a wonder to what I had found .This sculky elusive late juvenile Common Whitethroat (not a bird that I would generally see in October) was with a calling Chiffchaff in a overgrown garden.

SparrowHawk Kill

I picked up this Sparrowhawk as it sounded up calls from a pair of Choughs I was watching, she was landing on posts hunting birds as I followed 

A Hawk overpowering its prey is one of natures spectacles, and trying following a Hawk may end up with the possibility of seeing a Kill.

Its a crazy noisy moment as a Starling is selected . The screeches as it is caught in the Talons, the panic of other birds. the Sparrowhawk does its best to over power and pin the bird to the ground, dragging and twisting and smothering the noise with its wings , all while keeping its face away from the Starlings pointed Bill. As the Starling dies it is then taken away to a quiet area to be plucked and eaten and that when we say goodbye.

Hunting along the posts

A quiet spot to eat

October 14, 2021

AGP at the Fodry

  After battling my way through the lands of the Fodry with only a Buzzard, a flock of Chough and a Snow Bunting flit by ,I was glad to follow in the Golden Plover Flock in as they arrived on the headland calling and circling the fields. I made my way to slightly higher ground so I could get a scope on them, the  juvenile American Golden Plover was with them..

Quick birdwatch around Lahinch Bay

 A glassy sea within Lahinch bay gave an opportunity to see what was out there.

Viewing from the top car park an Eider Duck was alone , 5 Red throated Divers were also around the area with a few more out in deeper water with a juvenile Dolphin.

Across the bay the Common Scotor flock were back in their wintering area with a count of 40, small numbers of Razorbill were also scattered around the bay.

Later on in the day a Hen Harrier past by sandfield

October 9, 2021

American Mink at Clahane

 Not the sort of American animal I was looking for  at Clahane but I dont see many Mink.

 The reason I got to see this creature was because it was disturbed by a guy foraging the high tide line next to the river and the Mink took cover under a rock on the reef. I got to watch the stealth of this animal as it watched the man that was 10 ft way ( he didnt see it) even finding time to come out and sniff a washed up gum shield

one crafty animal is all I can say

October 4, 2021

Black throated Divers past the Bridges of Ross


A quiet feeling for birdlife around Loop head and the gardens had me at the Bridges of Ross from 11- 1pm
Its such a different ocean to watch each month with different species to observe and October lends itself to our wintering species as well as the ocean going lot.
These 2 Black throated Divers were the 1st that ive seen here past the bridges.
Generally the ocean was bare but 1 Leaches Petrel, 3 species of Diver, a couple of Grey Phalarope , 10 Arctic Tern, Peregrine Falcon and a few  Snipe and the one that got away was a nice return for 2 hours of fresh air. Welcome to winter

Eygptian Geese at Doonbeg

 These Eygptian Geese have beeen seen on a few occasions during the week around Doonbeg.

 I caught up with them early on a sunday morning tucked into the reef out of the wind along the channel as they seemed to be waking up, preening, shaking and ruffling the feathers  etc.