December 29, 2021

Clahane reef birds and Sandfield Barnacle Goose


Outside the invasion of Gulls on the middle reef a few birds were to be found foraging on the south reef with 8 Purple Sandpiper , 2 Greenshank , 15 Oystercatcher and 6 Brent Geese

On the way back home a lone Barnacle Goose was in the field along the river creek at Sandfield

Purple Sandpipers

Golden Plover

Brent Goose

barnacle goose

December 26, 2021

An Xmas Swallow

 Strange but true, an off season Swallow was buzzing around the reef at Clahane  mainly along the cliff side sometimes rapidly circling the bay low and fast over the seaweed, late evening lack of light I stood no chance of much of a flight shot but great to see the day after xmas .

A busy month of Surfing

 Between a bit off work and parental duties ive been sneaking in regular to surf the the reefs of Lahinch during the recent swells.