December 27, 2013

Purple Sandpipers -Seafield

An after storm drive along the coast at high tide took me as far as Seafield today , Plenty of Purple Sandpipers were milling through the seaweed with other small waders ,a few of the ringed birds that winter here as usual were on show,but the wind was still gale force so i didnt stick around long,just time enough to take a few pics.

December 13, 2013

Eiders and the Shore Crab

A dark cloudy morning.I took an hour at my local  harbour of Liscannor to watch the Eiders that have been here for a few weeks. The bond between these two birds is very strong and they stay close to one another , during there foraging moments they dive together and the adult female always surfaced first with intention  to attempt a pirate on the juvenile.. He was`nt going giving this crab up and the chase brought him close to the harbour wall for cover where he stripped the claws off and swallowed the lot.


December 10, 2013


As usual at this time of year our shorelines host to many Redshanks ,this bird was photo`d at Liscannor Harbour wall

December 2, 2013

Eider down the harbour mouth

These two Eiders have been have been in Lahinch bay most of the week ,moving up and down the quiet shoreline of Liscannor ....just out of reach.
Today they were feeding  right in the mouth of the harbour at Liscannor at low tide.
 Mamma should be teaching son how to find molluscs in the shallows, but rotting smelly seaweed was on the menu.
1st winter Male

Female Eider