November 22, 2015

Male Crossbill

I took another drive up the lanes to Rath again to see if there were any Crossbills still in the area. In a small spruce patch not far from where I observed them a few days ago ,18 Crossbills were high up with Siskins, Chaffinch and Greenfinch.
 A male bird was showing well out on a branch in the afternoon light.

November 20, 2015

Crossbills at Rath

Around my home during the day I noticed there seemed to be a lot of birds moving about ,small finch flocks , Blackbirds, Fieldare and Redwing.
Could be a good afternoon for Crossbills up the forestry...

 The first small flock of 6 Crossbill flew by at Gort Coirce with Redpoll ,1/2 hour later a Sparrowhawk soared over the Spruce forest and flocks of Crosssbill left the tree tops heading down hill. I followed in the car .4 more , then another 5.
Then a flock of 20 birds came into the trees and I was able to get good feeding views.
35 Crossbill in total for me.

Always a hard bird to photo as they are high up in cover,a tree or two in . Time to bring on th 3x crop video zoom.

November 17, 2015

Grey Phalarope

The Grey Phalarope has been at Liscannor Harbour now for 5 days, seeeing out the storm
Today it was feeding close to the walls. 
In between rain showers I waited on the steps.. the bird was pretty tame and came within a few feet away, bobbing about.
A small grey and white subject on a grey/ low light background proved a challenge to photo.

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