January 8, 2017

Great northern Diver `The submarine`

This elegant Great northern Diver was fishing the incoming tide at Liscannor harbour
It wasnt to bothered that I was sitted on the harbour steps at water level, as long as I kept still.

I wonder if JP Holland back in 1875 sat on these steps while he invented the Submarine.

spin about the top

 I started my day in Kinvarra where I got to see the Green winged Teal. I moved back to Clare and headed to Doorus Pier and Auganish isle  where on a calm day is a good place to see waterbirds such as Long tailed Duck, Red breasted Merganzers, Black Guillemots, Great northern Divers and Black throated Diver.
At Corranroo 2 Spotted Redshank were busy feeding among the Wigeon and Gulls between the high tide rocks.

5 Little Egrets were on the reef near to Newquay harbour, and the usual Greenfinch flock was along the Flaggy shore. 220 Brent Geese were in the fields below Mt Vernon and a few juvenile Whooper Swan were with 2 adults on the Burrin pond

Little Egret showing injury to the neck

A quick stop into Bell harbour for the usual Teal, Shelduck and Redshank and it was a spin over the burren to home

December 24, 2016

Our Golden Plovers

Between Lahinch and the fields of Hags Head is an ideal place to see Golden Plover at this time of year.
Upto 400 birds can be seen roosting on the river banks near Lahinch bridge.
Other GPs join the Lapwing on the pitch and putt and the flooded field at Sandfield
Possibly best viewed at Clahane where a 100+ roost up on the reefs during the day.
During the evening they spread out in small feeding flocks in the fields close to Hags Head.

December 17, 2016

Ring billed Gull v Common Gull -Ennis

While doing the xmas shopping in Ennis I caught up with the 3cy Ring billed Gull at the post office field.
I thought I had two , but at a closer look the other is a 3cy Common Gull (in disguise).☯

Ring billed Gull

Ring billed Gull 

Common Gull
Ring billed Gull

Common Gull + Ring billed Gull 

The ambience that is a Mute Swan

Mute Swans for me have an ambience about them .
Small calls and snorts , Bright white , effortless behaviour , Grace and flying wing beats.

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