December 3, 2023

Grey Plover and Ringed Rockies

 A cold morning had Rock Pipits busy all over Clahane

 I was going through them as one took my eye that seemed a bit paler than the others and it happened to be ringed. I posted it up as to help the ringer [im awful at names] that I met here a few months back that checks my blog.

A Grey Plover was a nice surprise along the shoreline even if they are the world most boring bird ever but  I believe it to be my 1st for Clahane .

November 30, 2023

Waxwing in Ennistymon

 A Waxwing  was frequenting a garden berry bush in Ennistymon, always a welcome vistor.

Back and forth the surrounding few trees it would quietly sit for 20 minutes, fly down munch 5 or 6 berries and back up into the trees where it was hard to see.

Two birds have been seen but Ive only seen the one myself, many thanks to Joe and Joan who kindly let me hang out in thier garden

November 14, 2023

Whimbrel and Hooded Crow attracted to the seaweed

Two Whimbrel were attracted to the seaweed that was along the high tide mark along Clahane shoreline.

Other birds such as Gulls, Redshank, Turnstone and Hooded Crows also were crwling through the seaweed wash up

November 8, 2023

Little Egret at Clahane

   Little Egrets can be seen all along our shorelines and are now a common species to see on the marshes, reefs and joining fields. Nevertheless a stunning bird with beautiful feathers that blow up in the wind and stand out yellow feet.

I remember a long way back in the late 80s in Wales where 4 birds were on Llanridian marsh near a friends house since then Ive witnessed their spread west

 I was watching the Gulls when this fella was walking around the reef at pace it came quiet close while on a major search for food

November 3, 2023

During a storm at Clahane

 Clahane is a good place to visit during a storm, Birds get blown in off the sea and Clahane offers various types of shelter and access to food and water . Today a hungry Redwing was feeding behind the shelter of the sea walls and seaweed corner

An adult Great northern Diver was  blown in and overhead by a strong west.

A pale bellied Brent Goose was feeling alone and looking very tired on the reef.

October 25, 2023

Brambling at Clahane

They come with the cold, and a cold morning it was.
A Brambling was a surprise to see around the seaweed washup over in the river corner at Clahane.
Quite elusive it would hide in the small reeds appearing perched on a washed up branch not socialising with the Linnet flock that contained Greenfinch and Goldfinch.


Cattle Egret near Lahinch Marsh

Cattle Egret remains a very rare bird within the county and I have only missed a few records

Ive seen them throughout Europe, in County Limerick and Wexford but its been a long time coming know I finally caught up with a Cattle Egret in Clare down near Lahinch marsh during the school run. It was feeding around Cattle in a field just above the marsh

Poor quality photos from scope camera video