February 17, 2018

Early morning Gulls around Liscannor

The morning was still as I headed out early in search of a surf , but it wasnt very good, so I went over to my local birdwatching patch at Liscannor harbour to see if the Gulls were still around due to the pilot whale carcass further along the shore. They were , and showing very well I must say.
  5 Glaucous Gulls were in the area along with a stunning adult Iceland Gull Chilling on the harbour wall with many Great black backed and Herring Gulls.

Herring Gull
Iceland Gull
Herring, Iceland,  Great Black backed Gull

Pair of Glaucous and Iceland Gulls

Glaucous Gull

February 9, 2018

Adult Iceland Gull - liscannor harbour

It was a night of heavy hail and sleet that carried into early morning, by 11am it cleared an the sun came out.
Driving into the harbour I always check the Gulls along the wall. A nice looking  Iceland Gull was preening on the wall, Geoff Pearson turned up before it then flew down to the small gull roost behind the harbour allowing me some nice light for photos.

February 6, 2018

Dromore woods NP

I had a few hours to myself after the early school drop off on an amazing clear blue sky morning. at 8am a White tailed Eagle was reported at Ruan, so it was an easy decision to where I was going.
9;10 and I was at Dromore NP.The water levels were high and into the woods making viewing spots to the lake unpassable.
A Treecreeper showed well for me as did a Goldcrest, but the morning was made when a pair of Buzzards produced a courtship display over walk bridge spoilt by the usual Crow which disturbed a Kestrel pair that were also courting at the lake.

Later on to find out that the Eagle was a fly over report,,but the morning was not lost.

February 5, 2018

Glaucous Gull and Leatherback Turtle

Glaucous Gull and Leatherback Turtle an interesting combination.
At Liscannor coast a washed up Leatherback Turtle is an unusual find on the shoreline plus a Pilot Whale 200m further along , both dead creatures have been in the area over a week and have been lifted to the high tide line by the  recent full moon tides and are attracting the large Gulls.

January 23, 2018

Hawfinch flurrys

I had a 1:30 drop off in Limerick City and was free till 4pm , so I took my son into Curragh chase Forest park to see Hawfinch.
We seen a few single Hawfinch roaming high in the Tree tops, while in the carpark play ground a flock of 18 birds passed over into the Trees near the Top playground.
A flurry of 5+ also passed through  the top playground as well as more singles.
Many birds left flying towards and passed the House due to disturbance in the top playground

January 20, 2018

Big Gull movement

I parked the Car along the seafront road between Quilty and Seafield and watched the Big Gull movement from the wall.
 Plenty of Iceland Gulls and Glaucous Gulls were among the Great Black backed, Herring and Common Gull that were lingering in the wind along this straight of coast searching the high tide line.

The One legged Ringed Sanderling

Ive been following Sanderlings at Seafield now for over a decade and had kept a photo record of the ringed birds till a hard drive collapse this year.
This bird was on Quilty beach today showing the same tag as in a post I published in 2012  but now missing a right foot.,,,did the right leg once have a red/blue rings ??