June 10, 2015

Dew Moth . Pretty & Rare

The Dew moth, not currently known in Ireland outside the Burren

On a warm morning I set off to  the the Burren to look for rare Butterflies with hope of seeing a Marsh Fritilary or Pearl bordered Fritilary within the area of  St Fiachtnan's Well at Fahee North near Carran.
Even though the weather was fine, Butterflys were scarce during the day ,all that was  fluttering about were good numbers of  Dew moths. I overlooked them as they proved difficult to photo. I never at the time realised that I was witnessing a small erruption of a real rare day flying Moth only found in small pockets of the burren and no where else in Ireland, making these creatures a real Burren specialty.


June 7, 2015

Common Blues around the lagoon

Common Blue Butterflies were  adding colour to the flora around the outskirts of Shannon airport Lagoon

June 3, 2015

Common Sandpiper -Lough Bunny

I came across this Common Sandpiper perched up on a rock on the shoreline of Lough Bunny.
The bird seemed quite scruffy and was maybe in moult.

May 30, 2015

Willow Warbler

They arrived and straight into their breeding season.
The pair of Willow Warblers next to my garden are already feeding young.

May 15, 2015

A evening swell at Lahinch

 An evening swell at Lahinch , 
Wave conditions were flat all day , a 2.5 m swell pulsed in from the south west around 3pm , by 5pm waves were head high along the reefs and beach .
The sun may rise at in the east but least it settles in a fun location!

My column in the North Clare Local

 Since the beginning of the year this blog has its own column in the local newspaper
Thanks to Karl & Kim at The North Clare Local
Delivering a monthly round up and photographs of local wildlife, nature, weather and surfing conditions of the previous month.


I remember back to when I was a child living in west Wales around 1980 , I would have been 10 years of age or so,~ I used to read the nature column in the Western Telegraph .
One day i read about a bird called a Firecrest which happened to be close to the castle grounds near my home , where i roamed, fished and watched birds as a kid.
 I went out and found that Firecrest
 I find myself writing the same type of article 35 years on.