April 29, 2013

Songs from the Graveyard

Plenty of birds in song around Liscannor Graveyard .Local Wrens ,new arrival Whitethroat and a lone male Yellowhammer ,the first ive seen here..but so far no signs of the Tree Sparrows that normally nest here .

April 27, 2013

Willow Warbler

A Peace within its song , flitting of  its wings  a Willow warbler wanders through  the shrubbery around Lickeen Lake picking small insects

Kitty Longtail

Long ago the Long-tailed Tits as we know them  had  names such as Long tail`d Titmouse ,Kitty Longtail,  and Bottle Tit (due to its nest design).
I enjoy there calls as they move through the copse,a common bird ,but a species that is never ignored ..... Every one likes them.

April 26, 2013

Whimbrels passage

There are plenty of flocks of Whimbrel passing through the fields and coastlines of Ireland on there way north.

April 25, 2013

Early Morning Grasshopper Warbler

My Cockerel had woke me early at 5:30 so I took a early morning drive over the hill to  Lickeen Lake to see if any Grassshopper warblers had arrived.
A dark damp morning I headed into the fields of tussock grass that i visit every year alongside the Ballymacken river and 4 birds were calling.
I believe the birds had arrived here over night with the partial eclipse of the moon as I heard none yesterday on a short visit ,They start a singing display as soon as they arrive,claiming there territory .

April 21, 2013

Common Seals at Lurga point

The Common \Seals keep an eye on me at Lurga Point ,Seafield as i walk along the reef.

April 20, 2013

Burren Bullock

Some parts of the Burren wilderness are so peaceful and quiet , yet with an intense moment your heart can beat...A young Burren Bullock spots me and starts his approach. Its simple times like this that sharpen your wits...

April 11, 2013

Golden Plover in change

During the winter months the Golden Plovers seem colourless dull and drab, but as they moult and change into the summer plumage a striking looking bird develops,full of colours and tones....I still really enjoy their contact calls and whistles as you approach them on the reef

April 10, 2013

Reed Buntings

Reed Bunting (male)

Reed Bunting (female)

Plenty of Reed Buntings were flitting around the river entry ,feeding on the flies that have taken over Clahane shoreline.Today there were nine of Buntings to see ,mainly males