April 29, 2011

Elusive Tree sparrows

A pair of Tree Sparrows flit around the graveyard dwellings in Liscannor , proving difficult to photo and rather elusive, a few pairs of House Sparrrows are also nesting near by ,within the walls

April 22, 2011

Motacilla Alba Distribution

Nakamura, Kazue (1985). "Historical change of the geographical distribution of two closely related species of the genus Motacilla in the Japanese Archipelago: a preliminary note". Bulletin of the Kanagawa prefecture Museum of Natural Science No.16.

Motacilla Alba..The White Wagtail

A flock of 30+ White Wagtail are filling up on flys as they travel north on their way to breeding grounds.
To me there so totaly different to the Pied wagtail.
Here is 2 shots each of male and female Whiteys

The Warren that is Seafield

With a soft sand surface to burrow and fresh grazing on a large streatch of sanddunes covering Quilty - Lough Donell these cute introduced bunnys will shorely multiply into an infestation, Watch this space!....but maybe we will see more Stoats?
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April 18, 2011

The Grasshopper warbler

 - Grasshopper Warbler Song.mp3

Theres a special few corners around a lough just over hill from my house, ive always visited here  for Warblers and Cuckkoo every year for about 7 years.
This now happens to be my route  to my new job,..i will be late a few times i dare say.
Seven Grasshopper warblers this morning...

April 15, 2011

A Coonagh Greylag flyby

With not many birds of interest at Coonagh settlement ponds , my attention was taken to the Greylag that were circling the ponds with a honk. The only other interest was a strange Chiffchaff call, but i couldnt see the bird......
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April 13, 2011

Burren in song

Birds were singing around the Burren today, Willow warblers and Yellowhammers are noticable.
Blackcap and Dunnock sing from within the scrub along with others

April 8, 2011

Clahane Diversity

One thing about Clahane is the diversity of wildlife available, Great northern divers in the sea, Purple Sandpipers and other waders on the reefs , Reed buntings on the shore. tomorrow maybe different, yesterday was.

April 7, 2011

Water Pipit moulting at Clahane

I was coming back from the point walking across the rocks at the north end when a pinkish bird came into sight,I thought it was a female Wheater first , then i realized it was a summer plumage Water Pipit.
Hard to approach not letting me within 3o metres

Siskins are back

Most springs a pair of Siskins have bread in the massive spruce tree opposite my garden, this year we seem to have 2 pairs , hardy little birds these finches

The Garden birds


House Sparrow

Blue tit


Its nice to sit and watch whats going on around the garden in spring, my garden is hopping with Finches ,Tits ,Sparrows and others. Some are nesting in the boxes provided , some flit in for a feed and a bath

April 6, 2011

Kingfishers again

Just happen to be in town with the family , so the chance of showing the kids a Kingfisher was on top of my list. The sun came out, The bird arrived after the fisherman boys spun off up river giving us a nice sighting and better pics for me.

April 1, 2011

Gulls are in at Liscannor

Liscannor Harbour packed with various gulls, Herring gulls , 100 Kittiwake , 20 Lesser black backed gull and a Little gull just up the coast all feeding in the windy hightide wash