July 28, 2013

Common Blue Butterfly

Flitting around the dry grasses near Mullaghmore on the Burren, this Common Blue catches the eye, a stunning little creature.

July 18, 2013

Copulating Adders - Vipera berus

This morning  I was leaving Wales, I woke early at my fathers caravan at Llangenith, and set off for a walk towards Rhossili .
Just half showing out catching the morning sun on an old wall I found a pair of copulating Adders

 The female here with head on the right was showing signs of Ecdysis, milky white on the eyes are a sign that she is ready to shed her skin, I am quite suprised she was out in the sun

These members of the Viper family are under persecution by most caravan owners and gardeners around the caravan park , feared and killed and this is illegal under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside act.
I never felt a bit in danger of these un-aggressive snakes as I sat watched them.
I even returned a little later and showed the kids.
They were in a difficult photography position and I did not wish disturbance to there day, but Ill settle for these shots any day.

Mediterranean Gulls of Blackpill,Swansea

While taking my children to the paddling pools on Swansea bay I noticed down along the bay several Med Gulls. With the left overs of a buffet in the car I fancied my luck of a few good photos...Still these gulls are not as easy coming as there Black-headed cousins ,and stay more of a distance away from you, but cant resist Pasties.

Golden-ringed Dragonfly

The female Golden ringed Dragonfly is Britains longest Drangonfly , this species is not found in Ireland

Six-spot Burnet Moth

Six spot Burnet Moths plentful in and around the sand dunes of Llangenith..A day flying Moth ,its larvae feed mainly on Birds foot Trefoil.

Mewslade to Tiers Point- Gower,Wales

I had a few hours to myself on friday ,and headed out along the south Gower coast in search of Dartford Warblers that have been resident breeding in this area for about 6 years.The songs of Yellowhammers, loads of Whitethroats,Choughs ,Swifts and a family of Stoats gave my great confidence of finding some Dartfords.. but today it was not to be, perhaps when the Whitethroats leave there would be a better chance in catching a song.
Still it had been over 13 years since I had been here and it is a jewel of a coastline.
Mewslade Valley
Tier Point

Heath spotted Orchid (i think?)
South Gower

Fall Bay looking east

Brynmill Park -Swansea

While back in Wales on family duty, I took my children to a local park that I grew up near too.
Plenty of Grey Squirrels, Moorhens and Ducks and the Water Lilys were wonderful , but I never found the Ring necked parakeet that I was told about.

July 8, 2013

Pyramidal Orchids

Pyramidal Orchids are decorating the pieces of meadow around Lahinch Marsh. 
Flowering between April and July, now is the best time for them,and with this heat wave the colours are deep

July 1, 2013

Burren Wildflowers June

Sherard's Downy-rose
Wild Thyme 
Ox-eye Daisy 
Burnet Rose 
Common Spotted-orchid 
O'Kelly's Spotted-orchid
With not much birding activety going on in the county at this time of year, its good to get out into The Burren National Park and learn a little about wildflowers.
I aint no Botanist but I am finding this challenge rather enjoyable and a fun thing to do with the family