July 18, 2013

Copulating Adders - Vipera berus

This morning  I was leaving Wales, I woke early at my fathers caravan at Llangenith, and set off for a walk towards Rhossili .
Just half showing out catching the morning sun on an old wall I found a pair of copulating Adders

 The female here with head on the right was showing signs of Ecdysis, milky white on the eyes are a sign that she is ready to shed her skin, I am quite suprised she was out in the sun

These members of the Viper family are under persecution by most caravan owners and gardeners around the caravan park , feared and killed and this is illegal under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside act.
I never felt a bit in danger of these un-aggressive snakes as I sat watched them.
I even returned a little later and showed the kids.
They were in a difficult photography position and I did not wish disturbance to there day, but Ill settle for these shots any day.

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