February 25, 2012

Egret Art

These two pieces ive been working on this week.
Graphical art composed from a pair of photographs taken of a Little Egret.
Not my usual style of art but it seems affective.

February 24, 2012

Black headed gulls

 Black headed gulls enjoying fine weather on the  riverside of Limerick city.... Well fed these birds with people of the city regularly bringing Gull sized snacks.

Limerick City visitor

While having an a spare hour in Limerick i went riverside to find gulls... An Iceland gull ....a visitor like myself,

February 18, 2012

Back at Seafield

Hundreds of Waders were busy on the incoming tide at Seafield.
An impressive flock of Bar-tailed godwit were approachable .  The North wind was freezing cold which did`nt allow much time for beach birding

Siskin pair

A pair of Siskins returned to my garden today, always a favorite garden bird photo.

February 14, 2012


I found this Pine Marten that had just been hit by a car, I put it in the boot of the car with hope i could save it, but it had died by the time i got home.
My boy was very taken by this beautiful creature . Education works in strange ways, i hope one day he gets to see a Pine Marten alive.

Ringed Shorebirds at Seafield

Caught up with a few Purple sandpipers and Sanderling that i photo`d back 3 months earlier in November at Seafield.
The joys of ringed birds

February 12, 2012

Red-throated Diver in the shallows

On calm winter mornings Red-throated Divers come very close to the shore at Lahinch beach, moving up and down the beach in search of fish

February 6, 2012


Now this is a species i have had difficulty photographing, being the smallest bird ,always moving and generally above you  making subject backlit..one day luck will be with me.

Frogs galore

Common frogs are occupying their breeding pools, this small pond near Ennis was jammers with 1000nds of them.Also with a full moon tonight they where vocal at the pond next to home.

February 2, 2012

Lahinch peaceful evening

A few Brent geese gather to roost on the reefs while a small number of surfers enjoy an evening of offshore winds and nice swell