February 16, 2020

Glaucous Gull, Storm Dennis

Storm Dennis at 60mph crashes into Clahane,
 A Glaucous Gull is caught in the wind and blown over the flooded fields.
It made its way back to the cover of sea wall crashing into the seaweed that covered the road.
For some stupid reason I wanted a photo and made it to the cover of the wall. This Gull wasnt scared of me and looked very hungry but wanted to stand his ground, I didnt stick around as I was soaked and had to make it back to the car

February 7, 2020

Hen Harrier cruising Lickeen

I was making my way toward a local Hen Harrier roost for the evening with time to spare and being a little early I was cruising slowly upto the top of the (dodgy Kestrel) hill not far from home south of Lickeen lake when this Adult male Hen Harrier cruised across the bog road. I stopped the car got out and managed some good views.
An hour later at an undisclosed location  15 minutes north I had another 4 sightings of 2 more Males , one being a possible 3cy bird..
5 sightings 3 birds in 2 hours from home. plus a few Woodcock 

February 5, 2020

Abbey Hill

I somehow had the morning to myself, wondering what to do, looking at my phone when bing ...a report of a Snowy Owl came through. The bird had been seen and photo`d at Abbey Hill, North Clare yesterday afternoon.
No better excuse to get out, nice weather and a south breeze.
Abbey Hill has a designated car parking area at the start of  a very popular walk and with views from these North Burren Hilltops that are second to none.
The only wildlife of note on the hill top was a small flock of 28 Golden Plover.

View of Bell Harbour from Abbey Hill westside
Burren Landscape looking North over Aughanish and on toard Galway and bay
Corranroo to the North East