March 29, 2018

Yellow legged Gulls plus Iceland Gull at O'Callaghan Strand – Limerick

Every month I have to be in Limerick and I enjoy the birds that visit the slipway at O`Callaghans Strand on The Shannon and city centre.
Todays visit concised of 3 Yellow legged Gulls
(1 2nd win +2 1st win I believe) and an a stunning adult Iceland Gull 
The lack of Herring Gull and Black headed Gull here today made it a bit easier to lD the YL Gulls a species and ages I have not encountered many times before.

2nd win Yellow legged Gull

Stunning adult Iceland Gull

Grey Heron

March 27, 2018

March Hare

A fine looking Irish Hare sits in open fields taking in the early morning sun. 
The morning  light bouncing of the cold wet grass making the Hare shine a kind of Golden

March 20, 2018

American Herring Gull - Kilkee

Yesterday afternoon/evening a American Herring Gull had been seen at Kilkee beach. 2nd County record.
 Early in morning I was in Kilkee, a few Gulls were about, mainly at both ends of the beach at high tide but with a beautiful morning the beach was busy with dogs and Gulls were not settled. I did some birdwatching for an hour in the bay then drove along the cliffs, came back and waited..
As the tide dropped back and got quieter Gulls were slowly coming to the beach , out of town and fields.
I was at the east end when I spotted a Darker Gull plunge diving in the shallows across the bay, grab scope ..American Herring Gull has arrived - 11am

March 19, 2018

The Raft of Loons

On the Flaggyshore searching the cold choppy waters far offshore for Sea Ducks, a nice raft of Great northern Divers drift passed by with the wind

March 6, 2018

White tailed Eagle perched up

 With a bright morning I was thinking of the White tailed Eagle at Ballyalia and possible better views than yesterday.
 I promised my friend Sheelagh Gleeson that I would take her out to see the Eagle if I was going.
When we arrived the bird was not to be seen, we took a stroll,
 The bird appeared low over the water and up into the dead tree on the island where we had splendid views for an hour, as we left the Eagle went to the air circling the area and out of site

March 5, 2018

White tailed Eagle - Ballyalia

A White tailed Eagle made an appearance at Ballyalia lake today.
A checked a few messages to find out this bird was seen at was 4pm , so I chanced my luck that it would sit in a tree for a while.
It was perched up on the Island where I watched for an hour.

March 4, 2018

Med Gull - Clahane

 I took a drive down to Clahane on a bitterly cold morning as s the snow thaws and the roads driveable again.
I pulled up and checked through the Gulls that were all preening along the reef.
A Med Gull was standing out with new plumage among the Black headed Gull

Snipe in the Snow

While stuck at home in the snow, I noticed quite a few Snipe in the fields going into the drainage ditches for water and food, not a unusual thing to do , but the snow was making there camoflage non existant so they were easier to observe

March 1, 2018

Ring billed Gull - Limerick city

  While in Limerick City.A cracker of a Ring billed Gull popped onto the rail just in front of me .
It just happened as a beautiful light came through the black snow clouds and shined on my subject for a moment before a mad snow squall killed all light.