October 26, 2014

The Great Black-backed Gull

There seems to be good numbers of Great black-backed Gulls along our coastline.
I counted 72 between Lurga point/ Seafield and the end of Quilty beach.
Ive noticed many around the Liscannor area also...maybe ill try a count on them sometime this week.

October 15, 2014


A took a quick visit to Loop Head again this morning.
The weather wasnt the best, with strong East winds and rain.
I was lucky just to get these distance shots of a Merlin in the bad light.
I always enjoy seeing Merlins they`re magic.

October 14, 2014

Shorebirds at Seafield

The tide was dropping from high ,and the exposed shoreline was being exploited by the small waders. One Little Stint was feeding with the Dunlin and Sanderling.
They were to busy to take much interest in me.

Little Stint
Sanderling vs Dunlin
Sanderling vs Dunlin
Little Stint
Rock Pipit

October 10, 2014

Back at the Loop

On arrival in Kilbaha village a bunch of Chiffchaffs and a Willow warbler were feeding and singing in the gardens.
I made my way to the headland where  6 Barnacle Geese past over, and a Brambling has seen  and chased off by the Pipits
The usual gathering of Robins and Pipits scattered the headland , There were plenty of Choughs about and the Raven as usual harassed the peregrine.
Back down to the harbour a Brambling was with Chaffinchs in the trees above The Pandas Cottage
Willow warbler

Barnacle Geese

October 4, 2014

Swainsons Thrush -Loop Head

I had spent a few hours searching  parts of Loop Head for the Dotterel that was found earlier on in the day, which I found(with help from a Raven)at 6:45 with 43 Golden Plover.
 After a heavy shower and the daylight running out I was leaving the lighthouse area of Loop Head.
I drove off slowly with hope of seeing a Merlin or something.
 7pm a pipit sized bird flew in of the sea, across in front of the car and hit the bank on my right. The bird flew low and direct down the road for some 20 metres landing on the grass to the left... I knew it wasnt a Mipit,slightly to large ,no tail slides and a different flight.
 What is it?... quick look through the bins ,,It has a smooth Oliveish back no streaks.
What is it?...I knew I was on to something , thought I had an Olive backed Pipit.
I snatched around for the camera ..opened the ISO to 3200 because of the lack of light ..I had to get some sort of ID shot.
The bird flew into a thicket just of the road. I got out of the car ,searched but no luck.
What was that?
Later on this evening after the help of JM & KM , it was confirmed as a rare Swainsons Thrush. A North American species, a 5th Irish record and a 1st for the county.

In the words of Eminem
Look if you had one shot ,one opportunity
To seize everything you ever in one wantdone moment
Would you capture it or let it slip?
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
Opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

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