October 15, 2017

Red throated Diver Family at Liscannor Harbour

Three scruffy Red throated Divers had moved in from Lahinch bay on a late dark cloudy evening at Liscannor as hurricane ophelia approaches our shores .
The two furthest birds out from the harbour were a parent and sibling , the juvenile visually smaller, following,approaching and calling every time the parent surfaced from a dive, not a sight I had witnessed before. 👀 (Q: possible Irish birds?)
The other bird that I believe to be the other parent still showing signs of summer plumage calmly came close in fishing allowing me some sort of light for a decent photo.

Juvenile Red throated Diver

October 8, 2017

Birdwatching in the Kilbaha Gardens

I finished work around 1pm and with news of a few scarce birds in Kilbaha I headed down.
2 Yellow browed Warblers were around the trees to the rear of Rural resettlement with Goldcrest.
2 Chiffchaffs were further up the village a tired looking Turtle Dove made a show 

October 4, 2017

Lough Gur

Last week I was in the Croom area of  Limerick on family duty, I had a couple of hours of free time so I headed over to Bruff to visit Lough Gur, I had only been here once before in past (Pied billed Grebe twitch),but that was a decade ago and the place had changed a touch. Not much in the way of birdlife only a Buzzard being mobbed by Hooded Crows and a single Widgeon.

Little Egret -Doonbeg

A Little Egret was giving good views from the road at Doonbeg bay

September 27, 2017

Arctic Terns -Coonagh

Three juvenile Arctic Terns were showing off their fishing talents around the bottom pond at Coonagh NR Limerick.

September 17, 2017

Bar tailed Godwit

A few small flocks of Bar tailed Godwits have made their way from Russia and scandinavia and are on patrol of the shoreline between Quilty Beach and Seafield

September 12, 2017

Leech`s Petrels

A few days of  North West winds have shown numbers of Leech`s Petrels of  Irish Headlands.
We lost count after 50 yesterday at the Bridges of  Ross.

Bridges of Ross - On the edge of the storm

Early morning , and the brunt of the storm was crashing into the Clare coast. 50kmph NW winds and a 6.5M swell
No better place to be than the tip of a Wild headland Birdwatching.
As the worst of the storm passed over we were soon joined by others.
Over the coarse of the day a feast of birds were to come passed ,
Leach`s petrels were numerous as was a consistent flow Arctic Terns with a few Sandwich Terns occasionally passing.
100s of Great Skuas, Arctic Skuas, Pom Skuas and a Personal count of 12 Long tailed Skuas 😄, good numbers of Kittiwake, Sabines Gulls, Great Northern Divers, Red throated Divers, Grey Phalaropes, Whimbrel, Brent Geese and  Teal

Leach`s Petrel

Great Skua

Long tailed Skuas

A story.
While taking a break and stretching my legs up on the grass , a fella carrying binoculars came over to me and asked "what are we were seeing?" 
I explained to him a list of Seabirds etc.
"oh I saw the Arctic Terns" he said and went on his way back to the carpark with the wife
He returned and sat on the end of the cliff shelter watching and listening to the Calls of the exited birdwatchers.
Later on I caught up with him in the car park.
I asked " Did you get to see a few?"
He ran over.." Im from west Kent on holiday sight seeing with the wife, we came here by chance and Im going with 7 lifers and never thought to the day Id ever see Long tailed Skuas"........

September 3, 2017

Seafield to Loop

I was at Seafield early.
100s of Linnets were on the lines, Oystercatcher, Dunlin, Sanderling, Ringed Plover and Turnstone made up the waders on the beach.
I wasnt content so carried on along the coast to Lough Donnell the morning was warming up.

Then I fell asleep writing this post.
Today 9 days later I posted it .Haha

Green Sandpiper -kilbaha pond

I always check the pond on my way into Kilbaha , today a Green Sandpiper was on the mud and a Kingfisher spun around the pond up the gully into the reeds,
A Wheatear was in the playground

September 1, 2017

A pink stand out

A little pink stand out in a team of 6 juvenile Redpolls enjoying a preen in the sun 
Ballyellery , Lahinch marsh