August 16, 2017

Juvenile Lesser black backed Gull

 Juvenile Lesser black backed Gull.

8 Little Egret behind the fence. Moyasta

I pulled in at Moyasta Creek to find the bridge area completely fenced off to cars ,walkers and visitors, im disappointed as its a good birdwatching spot.
A got a good distant views of 8 Little Egrets preening on the banks of the creek from up river.

July 29, 2017

Adult Arctic Tern -Clahane

 In the morning I dropped in at Clahane for a hours birdwatch before work.
Delighted to see a Adult Arctic Tern resting up on the reef below the steps with Black headed Gulls.
The Common Sandpiper was still present as were a few Curlew and 30+ Oystercatcher as were the growing numbers of Kelp fly eating road birds(Pied Wag, Rock&Meadow Pipits , Wheatears and Starlings)

July 26, 2017

Juvenile Sedge Warbler

 In the rain near the car park of the surfers entrance of Doughmore beach, Doonbeg.
I was watching a busy Sedge Warbler continually gathering insects in a long meadow patch of Reed and Willow herb, 
It kept returning to this Juvenile who was in much better looking shape than its parent.

Adult Sedge Warbler

July 22, 2017

Common Sandpiper - Clahane

A single Common Sandpiper was along the  high tide shoreline of Clahane .

A change on the coast at Clahane

A day or so ago Clahane was quite of birdlife apart from the usuals.
An overnight storm with heavy rain wind and lightning passed from the Atlantic over the country.
I like to visit Clahane and Liscannor for birds after these storms.
The high tide encloses the kelp flies high on the shoreline , Gulls feed in the sea wash and seaweed while numbers of Swallows and House Martins hawk along the road and high tide mark.
Wagtails both Pied and Grey have their young here to feed. Juvenile Wheatears and Linnets are now being seen here ,as so was a Common Sandpiper.

July 21, 2017

Ringed Plover - Clahane

The Ringed Plovers can be seen all year along on our shorelines, strictly a coastal bird
A few pair nest here at Clahane every year, this adult bird was keeping an eye on me as the juveniles roamed the reef.

July 17, 2017

Pollen faced Starlings

In a garden at Ballyellery,
 A few Starlings were feeding on on New Zealand flax and were covered in Orange pollen.
New Zealand Flax uses birds to pollinate and the Starlings bill shape seems to fit nicely.

July 15, 2017

July 14, 2017

Grasshopper Warblers down in Ballyellery

Down in the  northern corner of Lahinch Marsh in Ballyellery is a small reed bed and swamp.
Several Male Grasshopper Warblers were singing again as were Sedgys , Reed Buntings and Waterrail
I caught sight of a Grasshopper Warbler low in a thicket , it showed briefly and im pretty sure it was a juvenile, not a common sight and possibly my 1st.

July 7, 2017

Pure stoked

My 2 year old boy showing the meaning of Pure Stoked.
This is now his life at the shoreline , may it forever bring him this smile.

June 18, 2017

Fathers Day Flowers on the Burren

After work , the sun was scorching so my Little ones and myself took a Fathers day walk through the trails near Mullagmore on the Burren
We got to see Goats , Bee Orchids , Fly Orchids and many more

June 13, 2017

Stoat on the verge

Driving back along the South Lickeen road, a Stoat was busy on the verge of the road 
I slowed down only for the little animal to threaten the car , I was rolling back with the window down shouting to shoosh it off the road , but it was close to the car wheel, it scurried off, back to the verge.
I then realised that my camera battery was flat. I chanced it..1bar flashing. I got out of the car walked up to the Stoat that was eating a frog and it was not threatened about me one bit, I sat next to the Stoat as it devoured the frog while I got a few photos in before the battery died
I then managed to persuade the animal off the road edge from verge of death with its meal.