November 18, 2017

Common Buzzard -Finvarra N Clare

Driving down the lane from Finvarra  a Buzzard swooped of  the post and hovered over a bank somewhat down light , it then moved onto a post within the old coast tracks.
A pale dull colored bird above but very nicely marked bird on the underwing and body
Buzzard are certainly turning up more often and I believe areas such as the Burren  these birds may become common place within the decade.


  1. Ooh I spotted my first buzzard on the telegraph wire behind my garden 2 weeks ago! (I live near Kilmacduagh, Burren Lowlands) It has only just been identified for me as my photo was not the best. Beautiful bird, with a pretty impressive wingspan. I hope to see more...!


  2. Thanks Jenni for your Comment. We can only benefit from having these Raptors making there way west , you will see more!


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