March 23, 2021

Black Redstart - Clahane

 This Black Redstart has been along the Cliff at Clahane for over a week feeding up on Flies, as usual this species can be quite elusive , but seems to appear when the suns out.

March 3, 2021

The country feeling and Rog`s Bomb

Its another beautiful day, its quiet about out in the country and there is a nice feeling of space.
 Its Low tide head height and there is a fresh pulse into the 18 second period due on the turn of tide.
A handful of Surfers change shift and Rog grabs a Bomb set after low tide 


Community waves in times like these

  Beautiful winter swells keep rolling into Lahinch.  Glassy sets

In times like these -to surfers- its like a heartbeat- the believe in our sport to keep us healthy, fit, challenged and alive.

Every day possible Surfers of Lahinch community arrive early by themselves to get out in the glassy conditions.

2 hours of surfing at this time of year could even have you back home lockeddown by 9am....wondering if theres an afternoon session to get