July 8, 2020

Cliffs of Moher Cruise - The Seabirds

Its always good to get out to sea to see birds even in the mist and the1st Puffins of the year to for Myself,
 The Cliffs of Moher cruise gives a great opportunity to see Seabirds close up on the water at the base of the Cliffs.
Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins are seen close to the boat.

Cliffs of Moher Cruise

I was entering Doolin Harbour to check the surf.
I seen a my old mate Donnie that runs the Ferry service here and went to say Hello as it had been a while. " Got your camera with you?, get on the boat for a Cliff cruise, shes leaving in 5 minutes"
"Ok thanks " ...lets head out to sea in the mist.
There wasnt much swell and the weather was heavy, wet with mist.
 With Covid restrictions on board the Cruise, it was a still a very nice hour with mainly Irish passengers.

July 6, 2020

Pacific Golden Plover - A week on

The Pacific Golden Plover has been around the Killard road end of Doonbeg bay for over a week, still with 3 Dunlin and a pair of Ringed Plover.
The morning was showing a better light with sunny periods as to the wet windy week just passed,so myself and Dave took a 30 minute drive down the coast and were not disappointed with the views that this rare bird allowed us

July 3, 2020

Long eared Owls Part 5 . Off they go!

After last nights visit and observations in Part 4.
I wondered if they moved on through the night.
I pulled up at my usual spot at 10pm to silence, they were gone.
 I drove the road for 1/2 mile until I heard a call from down a field, there they were! I listened from a from a farm gate to all 3 juveniles calling , then one showed.
I followed the Owls by calls for a short time as they kept moving through the fields hedgerows, I knew this was to be the last time Id see/hear them and it felt emotional.
Its a great success story to see these Long eared Owls rear 3 juveniles to flight
`Good Luck`.

July 2, 2020

Long eared Owls. part 4 . Roaming juveniles

Three juvenile Long eared Owls have now left the nest site and are roaming throughout the trees and Shrubs.
One fledged earlier than the other two which are always together seen in the daylight roosting across the road in a in Ash tree.
Later in the evening I returned to a noisy episode of all 3 young feeding,1st flights and screeching, there was no other sound but Owls in the darknessand it was relentless. 
Just another amazing moment.
Over the time Ive learned that my Camera shoots video in the dark better photo