May 14, 2024

Greenland Wheatear pushing through at Clahane

 This stand out Greenland type Wheatear has been hanging around the river entry area at corner in Clahane for about a week, and will probably push through with west coast with the last of the |Waders such as Whimbrel , Dunlin and Purple Sandpipers

May 2, 2024

Grasshopper Warblers incoming

The shrilling wanndering repetant call of the Grasshopper Warbler can be heard in all the right places such as bogs ,Tussock grass fields to low forestry. 
Now is the time to see them as you can hear them before they go quiet and low into the undergrowth.
A couple of photos this week from Dugmore beach, Ballyea forestry and Doonagore bog


April 29, 2024

The annual squabble

 Its a time old tradition that come the end of April the Cuckoos presence causes the local birds such as this Meadow Pipit to squabble with it.

Instict knows that the Cuckoo is a threat.

This annual drama played out at Doonagore bog

April 20, 2024


 Its the 1st day of sun in what feels like years , an early local walk into Ballyea forest plantation for singing birds

It was the 1st day of the Cuckoo calling and a reason to keep walking

The countryside abounds in song , the warbling melody of the Blackcap can be heard in what seems every available thicket , woodland and orchard out here in west Clare

April 15, 2024

Ringed Rock Pipit still at Clahane

 I was about when these birds at Clahane were being caught and ringed so I tend to look out for them.

This one caught my eye as to the brown that was showing through its wing feathers and its one of the ringed Rockies

then realising that ive not published photos taken earlier 25/3/2014 , so

Red throated Diver at Liscannor harbour

 A Red throated Diver has been close to Liscannor harbour over the winter but the weather just has not been good enough to capture the bird in the camera, but today the sun has finally come out and with a high tide this bird was close to the harbour wall steps

Lahanch bay holds good wintering numbers of Red throated Divers and can be seen around the surf, generally mid bay or around the outskirts of the Common Scoter flock where they catch fish that the ducks flush as they dive and turn up the sand for Clams.

April 2, 2024

The ultimate Red Squirell

 Sometimes there can be moments when wildlife trusts in you.

Some of us travel far to experience wildlife encounters yet the best can be found close to home.

This stunning Red Squirrel was content with me sharing its woodland home not far from my home.

The woodland itself was quite open and the early morning spring  sunlight played for the camera settings.

Juvenile Crossbill

 I said Id come back later during the month to check on the Crossbills in a forest not far from home.

A good few birds were seen while calling in the air as they past to different parts of the wood.

A lone juvenile bird was just sitting high up waiting for parents to arrive , I also was waiting for this moment but it never happened. I managed a few small short videos from my scope 

The garden Siskins

 There seemed to be a lot of interest coming from peoples gardens this winter as to the little green garden birds, they certainly were in good numbers this winter for sure.

I have them in my garden every winter but had a steady 10 individuals this winter.

A hardy little bird that certainly competes at the feeders

March 17, 2024

Crossbills and Red Squirrells

 Up in Pine forest not far from Maurice Mills and a new place to walk the dog.

I was watching a Male Crossbill high in the tree tops when it dipped down I was trying to find the bird as I started to see Red Squirells feeding on the Pine cones, very hard to see , but once found easy to follow.

February 16, 2024

Green winged Teal

 I havnt seen a Green winged Teal since 2010 at Bell Harbour.

Yet again Bell Harbour turns up another 14 years later, I dipped on  the bird last week and turned up again early morning at high tide yesterday to no birds in the estuary......i went wandering but returned as the tide was dropping to find hundreds of ducks had come in, and there over to the left was this busy fella.

February 15, 2024

Tree Sparrows at the Horse fields

 Its always worth checking the grain spillage around the Horse fields near Seafield ,  plenty of Chaffinch, Linnet, Skylark and Reed Bunting can be seen but the gems are the Tree Sparrows that mix with the flock.

January 18, 2024

Winter birds - Top of Clare

 Starting at Blackhead with just some Great northern Diver and Black Guillemot, the next stop is into the shade of Gleninagh hills at Coolsiva Harbour where birds can be seen offshore with the scope, 8 Black throated Divet, plenty of Great nothern divers and around 80 Common Scotor.

Round to Ballyvaughn where pairs of Red breasted Merganzer, flocks of Wigeon and Brent Geese. 2 Long tailed Duck were being follow by a Herring Gull

January 11, 2024

1st Winter Swell of 2024

 The 1st Swell of 2024 was around 2M 14 secs and West,A four day swell with very light offshore winds, some mornings were icy ay -2'c .

Im proud to find my injury problems behind me and an opportunity to get some consistant, surfing done locally around home.