November 25, 2011

Panic Stoat

A stoats flee`s a pack of Gulls among the rocks at Clahane, even taking the plunge to escape.

November 22, 2011

Saleen Creek

Saleen creek was interesting even in heavy rain,Med & Black headed gulls,Godwits,Little Egrets, etc, a Canada goose became interested in the crisps i was trying bait the gulls closer to the car with, anyhow didnt stay long

November 21, 2011

Cranes in the rain

 On site at 6am dark with no birds, I was sat on the bales in the rain 7:30am the noise of 19 Common Crane flew in honking to grace the stubble fields outside Middleton Cork,.
A wet morning with no light makes any photography very difficult,
Never the less its nice to have seen these birds and what a start to the day.

November 16, 2011

Seal up river

 Came across this young Common seal up river above Lahinch bridge, while wondering around the marsh, hope it makes it`s way back to sea

November 10, 2011


The swell was nice out of the SW.
Under cover of The cliffs of Moher a few chargers take on some big waves

November 8, 2011

The Super sandbank

With over a week of fine swell and now a 10/10 sandbank has given local surfers a rare delight

November 4, 2011

Purple Sandpipers arrival

Purple Sandpipers have been arriving on our coast this week , joining juvenile Turnstones on the safety of the reefs at hightide Seafield

November 3, 2011

The SW swell

A week long swell out of the Southwest has produced plenty of waves, sore arms and fitness values