January 18, 2021

PIne Marten at Home

 Since discovering that we had a Pine Marten visiting our garden this winter I was overjoyed..

A lockdown project for myself, similar to the Owls back in spring.

 I have been putting out some chopped Apples, Rasberry Jam & Peanut butter  (It does like Cinnamon Bagels) and setting up the Trail Camera at different locations hoping for a good angle.

 You can only try to film Rare Wild Animals at night.

But if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need!

January 6, 2021

Peregrine feeding on a post

 I was slowly driving a road looking across trenched fields for the 7 Pink footed Geese as this Peregrine Falcon came into my view 100 yards off, perched up on a post eating what I think to be a Redwing.

For a short time it was hassled by a pair of Chough and a Stonechat as the Geese showed in the back ground.

 I kept the photos to long range and from the car as not to disturb breakfast on this cold morning

Whooper Swans in a frosty field

 A cold crispy morning with not a cloud in the sky and ground frost.

 I did a quick round up of wildfowl at the Corofin Loughs. A 50 strong flock of Whooper Swan were out grazing a usual field in the morning sun just off the road near Lough Cullaun.

200 Wigeon,100 Teal and 70 Black tailed Godwit was the best at Lough Atedaun. A few Goldeneye and a pair of Tufted Duc kwere on Lough Muckanagh along with a Buzzard and lots of Redwing and Fieldfares.

January 2, 2021

Storm Surf off Doolin

 Big Storms bring big waves! Doolin is a of dramatic piece of coastline with serious ocean scenery 

The annual Carpark covering storm at Doolin Harbour.