October 24, 2018

Back and forth the Loop & Costellos

When I could grab a bit of time over the past week I made random visits to Loop head and Kilbaha.
Most birds of note were turning up at Costellos garden with Red breasted Flycatcher,  3 Yellow browed Warblers all being elusive in the dark undergrowth.
Several Chiffchaffs were also about.
Kestrels , Merlins and Sparrowhawks were busy killing at the lighthouse.
The AGP still with GPs on the headland with 1 brief Brambling.
Snipe were at the pond.

October 15, 2018

Ria Formosa Portugal. Part 4. The Boardwalk

From where I was staying at Praia de Faro to get to the Ludo I had to walk the mile long boardwalk that crosses over the tidal flats.
Spoonbills, White Storks , Little Egrets ,Redshank were always on show, a few Caspain Tern and a Little Tern were also seen from here

Caspain Tern

October 13, 2018

Ria Formosa Portugal. Part 3 . Quinto de Eucalypto

As you walk though the Quinto de Ludo its joins upto the Quinto de Eucalypto , a forest of Eucalyptus and Pine. The feeling was very Australian but the sounds were different.
Out in a clearing I could see a Black winged Kite sitting on a high post, Booted Eagles soared overhead calling. Gangs of Azure winged Magpie, Jays, Spottless Starlings were also seen.

Azure winged Magpie

Booted Eagle

Black winged Kite

Spotless Starling

Ria Formosa Portugal. Part 2 . Quinto de Ludo

Early up and only a mile walk over the boardwalk that crosses the wetlands and I was was into Quinto de Ludo,
25` with a good wind to keep cool.
This wetland area is amazing for birdlife and a birding paradise
Greater Flamingo , Black winged Stilt,  Avocet,  Black tailed Godwit, and  Kingfisher, were in the shallow lagoons
Zitting Cistocola, Sardinian Warbler, Common Waxbill and a Bluethroat were seen in the scrub areas and edges
Osprey and Booted Eagle were distant

Greater Flamingos
Black winged Stilt


Sardinian Warbler

Common Waxbill

Zitting Cistacola

Booted Eagle

Ria Formosa Portugal . Part 1 . Praia de Faro

I took a short 2 day break in the Ria Formosa wetland area south of Faro Portugal.
2 days of Birdwatching and walking the national park area.
Good old Ryan Air making it possible for under 80 quid return.

Arriving midday with 28` weather and check in at 2pm I stayed local and walked the beach area around where I was staying.
My 1st bird was a Kentish Plover  just along the beach where I was staying also along the beach Crested Lark , Med Gull and Yellow legged Gulls were common sight ,a Corys Shearwater was further up the beach feeding with Gulls only 5 metres from shore, but as I was trekking up it flew off.

October 6, 2018

The Falcons of Loop

With plenty of Merlins, Peregrine Falcons and Sparrowhawks about at Loop Head , the chance of anything living to see might just set a challenge.

The Loop Head pair of Peregrine Falcons bonding high over their land

Sabines Gull - kilbaha coast

After a morning walking Loop head and Kilbaha gardens and the tide on the high it was time to check the sea to try and find The Bonapartes Gull seen a week earlier.
Seek and you shall find!
I was going through the Gulls on the Kilbaha coastline till I came across this Adult Sabines Gull that was with a small mixed flock of Gulls feeding on Kelp fly soup the cove backwash was mixing up