May 28, 2014

Arctic Terns - Inis Meáin

One of my main reasons to visit Inis mann was in hope of seeing a variety of Terns, and on my wish list was Little Tern, which I did not see today.
A few pairs of Arctic Terns were courting and investigating nest sites high on the beach , giving exceptional views. 

Approx 35-40 Arctics were roosting on boulders at the eastern end of the beach with a few Sandwich Terns ,It was a hot day and small flurries of fishing trips close to shore to gather sand-eel to present for their partners in courtship seemed to be the only activity.
A adult Med Gull was also present.

Inis Meáin -The unseen Aran Isle

On arrival at Inishmann (the middle Aran island) we(my wife &little boy) were alone, all tourists on the boat went to the 2 other more commercial islands. 
Walls & more walls like a maze . The weather was as hot as ive ever felt in Ireland , we started our trek

Western Marsh Orchid
 The season of wild flowers had started and fields were in bloom with Buttercups,Bloody Cranesbill,Oxe eye Daisys,Western Marsh Orchid the list goes on . Lapwings were nesting close to the path and trying there best to clear us from there area. Skylarks sang there song in theclear blue sky
We walked the length of the north-side beach without seeing another footprint, and  that is rare enough in modern times

Oxe-eyed Daisy
After we made our way off the beach and through the maze of hidden roads among rocky walls we made our trek way uphill to the pub for some well earned Beers

My outcome of this island would be different from the other 2 . Its wilder ,quieter ,harder work and way less touristy which suits me just fine.

May 27, 2014

Fulmars and a Peregrine Falcon

Fulmars Glide.
To me,The  Fulmar installs a sense of freedom , they seem to live with ease ,gliding back and forth along the updrafts of the cliffs...Effortless behavior.
While watching the Fulmars a Peregrine Falcon  shot passed aggressively hunting the clifftops.

May 26, 2014

Hags Head- The wild part

With the construction of the Cliffs of Moher coastal path near complete , the south side of Hags Head still remains quiet and wild.The birds , the bees and coastal wildflowers were my only company along with the views.

Birds foot Trefoil

Red-tailed Bumble Bee
Sea Campion

May 22, 2014

Small Copper

A Small Copper Butterfly flits about the flowers in the secret valley

A Secret Valley

Word came to me of a secret valley that is walking distance from my home.
A beautiful valley of wildflowers, butterflys , cuckoo calls and a slow running stream.
This stream runs to a secret waterfall over a mile away that i visit -

Cuckoo flower - Ladys Smock

May 19, 2014

Shelducks at Moy

A pair of Shelduck were circling the area of marsh at Moy beach ,Lahinch..looking for probable nest sites in the newly shaped area of coast