January 27, 2014

Ring-billed Gull -Limerick

Crossing over bridge in Limerick I spotted a large flock of mixed Gulls off the slipway being fed  by a walker, I detoured and went for a look, this adult Ring-billed Gull was within the flock looking for hand-outs.

Westfield Marsh

While in Limerick I took a quick walk around Westfield Marsh.
A small group of Tufted Duck were showing of the view decking , Moorhens and Coots were in the reed beds along the shorelines. 3 Pochard were resting out in the middle of the pond.
25 Siskins were busy in the Alders near the road.
Tufted Ducks



The Moorhen is one of our most familiar birds around our inland waterways ,very adaptable, it can be found anywhere from the smallest pond to the largest of loughs.
I like to call them Otter fodder , as Otters love to prey on them.

January 22, 2014

A Starling despute

The Starling that roosts and nests in my roof defends his territory with a brutal attack on an intruder.
Not the first time ive seen this action out of this Starling..

January 16, 2014

Surfers and a Direct Swell

The swell came direct west with big sets.
 A favorite reef to many local surfers puts up a test .
Its time to be tested.
Certain people live for and wait for these days ,for some its why they live here.
 When it happens life has to be adjusted, some skip work, some pass of babies to in-laws, daily duties are erased from thought...Fever takes control.
Cold..not at all, heart-rate, butterflys ,and stamina paddling see to you warm.
Above all Smiles, a sense pleasures,humility and stoke are shared amongst friends that share a passion.
 Surfers are unique.

                                             Quote of the day..."Lenghless"

January 15, 2014

Iceland Gulls at Lahinch shoreline

A few mixed  Iceland Gulls are still soaring back and forth in the wind along the shorelines of Lahinch sea-front picking scraps from the seaweed and other harrassing other Gulls.
 All together I saw 4 different individuals, there maybe a few more as they mix around the bay its hard to keep track of which one is which.

2nd winter Iceland Gull

January 10, 2014

Little Gull

After spending the morning around Lahinch bay in the cold rain going through the Gulls , the sun came out for the afternoon and I spent an hour or so over at the flooded field near Moy beach.in the sun covered in flys photographing the Little Gull that we had seen earlier at Lahinch 

Little Gull -Moy. JL Copner

January 9, 2014

White winged gulls- Lahinch

A Glaucous Gull and 4 iceland Gulls , 2 of which are believed to be Kumliens Iceland Gull (NE american race) were among the local Gulls  of Lahinch beach foraging along the mounds of seaweed on the high tide.
Great to see a selection of white wing gulls here today
Plenty of birds are starting to show through out the bay after recent storms.

Glaucous Gull

Iceland Gulls


Even though  the  storm has  past a few  days now, birds have`nt  fully  recovered.
This  Kittiwake was resting  up  in front  of Lahinch prom, something they dont normaly do.
When tired ....sit it out

January 8, 2014

Portrait of a Shag

This Shag was resting up alongside the harbour wall at Liscannor, it allowed me really close, close enough to grab a few portrait photos

Iceland Gull -Clahane

 After a morning surf , I took a walk along Clahane in hope of finding a few resting birds after the storms ,
This Iceland Gull was worth the cold walk.