January 9, 2014

White winged gulls- Lahinch

A Glaucous Gull and 4 iceland Gulls , 2 of which are believed to be Kumliens Iceland Gull (NE american race) were among the local Gulls  of Lahinch beach foraging along the mounds of seaweed on the high tide.
Great to see a selection of white wing gulls here today
Plenty of birds are starting to show through out the bay after recent storms.

Glaucous Gull

Iceland Gulls


  1. Hi Jeff, I think that Iceland in the first and third Iceland shot is actually a "Kumlien's" Gull. The dark outer webs of the other primaries contrast with the pale inner feathers. The tail also look solid brown and the bill is all black which are two other good supporting characters for "Kumlien's".

  2. Nice one Dermot
    Thanks for that , been going through all the photos from yesterday, it seems there is 2 or 3 that match up to Kumliens


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