November 29, 2017

Black throated Divers - Corsiva

I called in to Corsiva harbour on the north clare coast to catch up with the Surf Scoter thats been around all week, a bitterly cold North wind was up and no luck on the Scoter ,,but 3 Black throated Divers came in close to give a rare  photo

November 25, 2017

Back into the Forest for Hawfinch

I arrived at Curragh Chase forest park before light.
-1` it was a fresh walk in, the light breaking through the trees, the morning forest noises, a Buzzard,the occasional down pour 
8:30 am 9 Hawfinch arrived high in trees near the park, flighty, they`ll come and go all morning not settling, staying high in the branches ,warming in the sunlight
A few Brambling were among the Chaffinch flock around the bottom playground
The usual Jays were squarking in the leaf litter




November 18, 2017

The Albino Curlew of Bishops quarter beach

I last photoed this bird in May 2015.
Its made the small inlet at Bishops quarter beach, Ballyvaughan its wintering home and can be regularly seen here feeding as the tide drops
A social outcast, I have noticed that other Curlews chase it 

Common Buzzard -Finvarra N Clare

Driving down the lane from Finvarra  a Buzzard swooped of  the post and hovered over a bank somewhat down light , it then moved onto a post within the old coast tracks.
A pale dull colored bird above but very nicely marked bird on the underwing and body
Buzzard are certainly turning up more often and I believe areas such as the Burren  these birds may become common place within the decade.

November 12, 2017

Twite date

A year ago today I blogged 4 Twite at Clahane feeding behind the walls.
Today 7 Twite were doing the same thing on the same date.
 Saturday at Clahane can be a bit busy with walkers ,weekenders and the birds were a bit disturbed, but there was a small patch that the birds would return to.

November 9, 2017

Female Hen Harrier to roost

 A cold peaceful hour before dark high up on a Clare bog .
Not a typical light or interest for photos, just watch and listen to your surroundings waiting (hoping) for Hen Harriers to come to roost 

16:15 a Female type Hen Harrier lifted into view as a silhouette from the East, Long wings gliding across the open bog at the "southern gap" rising into the forestry tops and back again ,low and tight to the open bushes and out of sight to the North end.

November 3, 2017

November morning in Kilbaha

A early morning at Loop Head Lighthouse grounds was quiet with only a few Redwing and Song Thrush around, a Great northern Diver flew over the Headland

I quickly returned back to the gardens where earlier I saw a Yellow browed Warbler, Goldcrest and Great Tit opposite Keatings on my drive through,which  after a short while I relocated the same three birds in the trees behind The Rural Resettlement, but they remained within the treetops and were elusive.
I stayed around the gardens for a few hours and more numbers Finches ,Robins, Tits and Thrushes were coming through, all on the move

November 2, 2017

Jays and Squirrels Cache at Curraghchase

I was in Limerick yesterday morning with my children and we found time during the day to go out to Curragh chase forest park as we do most years.
It was a busy day with family groups all over the woodland,and machinery with workers cutting

I did manage 10 minutes with a few Jays that were caching the abundant amount of seeds that is on offer,
 and as always a great place to see Red Squirrel 
Lets see what comes to feed on all this seed as it gets colder and quieter