May 29, 2019


A handful of Dunlin were in the corner of Seafield harbour this lone spring plumaged Sanderling was with them.
Quite a striking looking bird close up.

May 25, 2019

SpotFly ,Butterflies & Damselflies

As it enters summer and and a higher average temperature things begin to Fly.
DragonFlys and Damselflies hatch , Banded Demoiselles can be seen among Irish yellow Iris,
Spotted Flycatchers pick flys from the air.
Butterflies such as the Brimstone can now be seen 

Spotted Flycatcher

Banded Demoiselle .male
Banded Demoiselle . female

Brimstone .female

May 21, 2019

Burren Med Gull

A Burren Mediterranean Gull
Not many of these birds breed in Clare.Slightly larger than Black-headed Gull, more similar to Common Gull in size and shape but bill stouter. Adult is distinctive, breeding plumage has black hood. Tends to be uncommon within the county, often found with flocks of Black-headed Gulls.

Little Terns and Dunlin

A handful of Little Terns sharing the shallow waters of Tacumshin Lake with a 1000 Dunlin.

May 19, 2019

Hobby - Carnsore Point Wexford

Early morning , the wind had been from the SE overnight so I decided to start my day around Carnsore point on the SE tip of Co Wexford , I had never been over  there before but fancied it as a good spot for seeing a migrant bird
At the end of a bumpy lane I slowed to look about, a Hobby soaked from an overnight flight through the rain was perched up on a post on the edge of a crop field.
All the kids got a view in the bins and I was happy with a start to the day

White winged Black Tern -Our Ladys Island.

 Lady Island Lake for a weekends camping with kids and a spot of birdwatching.
On arrival at 8pm friday eve I quickly stopped at the Lake on route to St Margrets campsite and was greeted by a White winged Tern that was on the deck resting up on the waters edge of a very busy breeding Tern colony.
We walked around the Island to the sounds of Terns in the air and a flock of Knot joined the Black tailed Godwits to roost in the shallows .
The White winged Black Tern was there in the morning and was busy feeding on flys over the 1st island

May 17, 2019

American Wigeon

I had the morning off and headed down the road to Shannon airport Lagoon to catch up with this 2cy American Wigeon that was found the day before
It showed well even though a little distant, but was easy enough to get some video through the scope

May 16, 2019

Great northern Diver

That dull greyish bird that floats around beaches and harbours during winter
 moults into summer plumage during April and May and becomes a striking elegant bird.
Every year at this time I chance seeing a full summer plumage bird before they head off up the North to breed.
There is still a few birds left in Lahinch bay,  but the next wind from the south will see them off till next winter

May 5, 2019

Inishbofin and the Corncrakes

  On a day trip to Inishbofin and I was off the boat and on a walking mission west, I walked for about 40 mins without a call from a Corncrake. I got to a row of Homes on a beautiful beach, the day was warming up and the locals were friendly with good talk and advise with Corncrake stories.
" Head to the graveyard area"!

I came to the Graveyard area. 
A Corncrake was calling from a patch far down the field and another in the scrub just behind the Graveyard workers
I decided to hang around here and be patient but only got brief sightings.
I moved along the road toward the pond. A good call came from near the pond , a good vantage point down from the road allowed me to watch a bird calling.
I sat in the wall next to the grave workers van over looking the pond when the Corncrake startled me by calling just behind me as it casually came out into the open.