May 5, 2019

Inishbofin and the Corncrakes

  On a day trip to Inishbofin and I was off the boat and on a walking mission west, I walked for about 40 mins without a call from a Corncrake. I got to a row of Homes on a beautiful beach, the day was warming up and the locals were friendly with good talk and advise with Corncrake stories.
" Head to the graveyard area"!

I came to the Graveyard area. 
A Corncrake was calling from a patch far down the field and another in the scrub just behind the Graveyard workers
I decided to hang around here and be patient but only got brief sightings.
I moved along the road toward the pond. A good call came from near the pond , a good vantage point down from the road allowed me to watch a bird calling.
I sat in the wall next to the grave workers van over looking the pond when the Corncrake startled me by calling just behind me as it casually came out into the open.

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