October 13, 2018

Ria Formosa Portugal . Part 1 . Praia de Faro

I took a short 2 day break in the Ria Formosa wetland area south of Faro Portugal.
2 days of Birdwatching and walking the national park area.
Good old Ryan Air making it possible for under 80 quid return.

Arriving midday with 28` weather and check in at 2pm I stayed local and walked the beach area around where I was staying.
My 1st bird was a Kentish Plover  just along the beach where I was staying also along the beach Crested Lark , Med Gull and Yellow legged Gulls were common sight ,a Corys Shearwater was further up the beach feeding with Gulls only 5 metres from shore, but as I was trekking up it flew off.

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