October 18, 2021

SparrowHawk Kill

I picked up this Sparrowhawk as it sounded up calls from a pair of Choughs I was watching, she was landing on posts hunting birds as I followed 

A Hawk overpowering its prey is one of natures spectacles, and trying following a Hawk may end up with the possibility of seeing a Kill.

Its a crazy noisy moment as a Starling is selected . The screeches as it is caught in the Talons, the panic of other birds. the Sparrowhawk does its best to over power and pin the bird to the ground, dragging and twisting and smothering the noise with its wings , all while keeping its face away from the Starlings pointed Bill. As the Starling dies it is then taken away to a quiet area to be plucked and eaten and that when we say goodbye.

Hunting along the posts

A quiet spot to eat

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