January 28, 2017


Ive been back and forth to these Berry Trees in Ennis for a few weeks while shopping etc without any sighting of a Waxwing,  I said to my wife " one last time , thats it then".
I turned into the estate at 16:25 and a single bird flew off the 3rd berry tree into a dark high tree next to it.
I parked up a bit further, I was loosing light.
The lone Waxwing perched still up against the trunk not moving for 15 mins. we watched each other even had a chat..but it wasnt coming down.  I went back to the car and I approached slowly, parking near the berry tree..the stunning bird did eventually come back to the berrys..🙋

Waxwings can be very tame in winter, entering towns and gardens in search of food, rowan berries being a particular favourite. They can metabolise alcohol produced in fermenting fruit, but can still become intoxicated, sometimes fatally. Other hazards include predation by birds of prey, infestation by parasites and collisions with cars or windows.

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