January 22, 2017

Hen Harrier - Moyasta

It was an afternoon with poor light , I was leaning on an old train looking through my scope when I picked her up a long way out over reeds making her way along the northside of Poulnasherry bay, she dropped out of sight.
A few Teal went up and a Hooded Crow gave the signal and she was making her way to the creek at Moyasta, as she lifted over the bridge Teal and Redshank went to the air as she cut back flying direct at me ..seeing me she banked and headed along the wetlands of Poulnasherry


  1. Potentially interesting bird. Would want better shots, but underparts look fairly clean, contrasting with the "hood". I'd be following this up on the off chance.

  2. Thanks Owen.
    One thing that was sure to me was that its a local bird in the way she covered Poulnasherry bay, She new where to surprise wildfowl etc .
    I believe The bird is familiar to the Hen Harrier survey and Barry.
    Yes would have liked better shots.


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