November 3, 2014

Moyasta Creek

The old West Clare Railway, part museum, part train yard built around the The triangular platform  of Moyasta junction
The creek joins onto Poulnasherry bay under the bridge.

 Over this week I have had a few visits to Moyasta ,mainly to get views of the Lesser Yellowlegs that was found late the weekend before.

The west clare railyway
 Quite a nice spread out wetland area  ,not the easiest of places to observe the wildfowl but views of 100s of Widgeon,Teal and Pintail are on the water, while Greenshank,Redshank,Snipes and Little Egret feed along the banks
Moyasta creek
The weather forcast of quite a stiff south winds and showers was never truer.

Over next the following days birders came and didnt see it,some said the bird was tame and approachable with some nice photos to be got.
 I so wanted a photo or two that I headed back down , the Yellowlegs was still present on the far bank , but high water and rain storms ended the day.
Poulnasherry bay
I never did get my photo

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