January 8, 2016

Glossy Ibis about

This morning I really wanted to catch up with the 2 Glossy Ibis that had been seen at Lahinch marsh over the last few days.
I scoped the 2 birds in a flooded field across the other side of the marsh below the cattle sheds, so I drove around hoping to get some closer views

Glosy Ibis - Lahinch marsh

Later on in the day I was up along the north coast of Clare , As I approached the Flaggy shore a wader caught my eye in a floded field , I took a quick photo and it was gone.
Later on when checking the photo a Glossy Ibis was in the field next to it...
How did I miss that one?
Glossy Ibis in a flooded fieeld with what is presumed to be a juvenile Greenshank

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