February 28, 2016

Lahinch Marsh. The unknown

Due to inaccessibility Lahinch salt marsh is a unknown to many local people. 
An untouched wildlife refuge,stretching from Lahinch rivermouth all the way up to the Cascades in Ennistymon
Over the years Ive seen Osprey ,Glossy Ibis ,Hen Harriers, Peregrine Falcons, Otters, Kingfishers, Goosanders and various Geese just to mention a few.
 Waders, Terns & Gulls roost on the open sandbanks above the rivermouth , while all the way up the marsh Cormorants and Little Egrets roosts in the wood that overhangs the river.
The marsh is subject to good flooding which fertilizes grass patches,wild flowers such as  Bee Orchids, Pyramidal Orchids, Yellow Rattle and Eye Bright flourish.

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