June 1, 2018

Tac and back

Its that time of year again that I pay my annual visit to Tacumshin lake Wexford.
5am I left Clare, arriving at Tac at 8:20
An overcast warm morning with not great light.
I was greeted by two Eygptian Geese and a Marsh Harrier on the Main Lake, a walk to the sluice where I met up with Killian (in the same spot as last year).
 2 Little Terns showed near to the beach 
Eygptian Geese
Little Tern
 With the weather looking to maybe rain, I headed back to East end.
Plenty of Reed specialists live here and im always keen to see them when I visit.  Reed Warbler, Reed Bunting and &  Bearded Reedling.
The Forsters Tern showed for a brief 30 seconds over the pond

Reed Warbler
Reed Bunting
Bearded Reedling
After mid day I headed round to Lingstown and The Whitehole where the star of the show The Red footed Falcon had been seen over the past few days.
I met up with Cian & Thomas Cardiff and we caught up with the Falcon high in the sky feeding on Dragon flys.
A few Quail were calling from nearby reed beds and a Marsh Harrier past by again
Red footed Falcon

Marsh Harrier
Around 4pm I left Lady Island Lake and I was home 7;45 with a bag full of birds. Content.

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