November 28, 2019

Rose ringed Parakeets -Hyde Park London

I spent a morning in Hyde Park London.
Now for me being a very rural birdwatcher living out in the country,Urban birding felt very strange thing for me to doing, then you come across these fellows the feral Rose ringed Parakeet.

So like it or hate it?
On personal note, they captivated me for a morning and I really enjoyed the spectacle they put on.
The calls from the tree tops, small flocks flying over head, individuals being hand fed, the colours and cheeky Parrot syndrome.
I Enjoy them, but at a guess Id say they could be quite destructive.
With a obvious stable population and being non migratory they are there to stay and increasing
They are now in the same class with Collared Dove, Little Owl, Canada Goose, Egyptian Goose, Feral Pigeon etc.


  1. They are certainly difficult to miss around London, though this is the only site where I know they come to be hand fed. It's a great urban spectacle watching large flocks flying fast and low to roost.

    Though agree they are as naturalised as some of the other birds you mention, I would disagree that Collared Dove is in the same class as unlike the others they colonised naturally rather than being a man introduced species.

  2. Yes, Good point on the Collared Dove.


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