May 1, 2023

Lesser spotted Woodpecker

 My first ever chance you get to take views of l Lesser spotted Woodpeckers 

I had knowledge of LsW could be seen within this area of the Algarve but not common. An hour previously to finding this drumming bird I was tracking down Iberian Green Woodpecker which were calling in a Pine wood 🌲 I got to see two but they were always aware of me.

This little fella came out onto a dead tree to drum and call and was still hard to see and find.

As it hammered away another LsW came to an adjacent tree to check out the noise but didn't stay and flew off. This was all happening as Cettis Warbler  bombed me with calls only a few feet away

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  1. The lesser spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos minor) is a small species of woodpecker found in parts of Europe and Asia. How Unblock Invites It is one of the smallest woodpeckers in Europe.


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